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First post-graduation run!

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What a loverly run it was too! The last two runs of week nine were difficult. I had a tension in my arm and niggles in my calves and just couldn't get a rhythm.

Today however I was free from time constraints and I think I have been trying to push my pace too much recently. Today I told myself it was fine if I wanted to walk half way through and I didn't need to go fast. Instead I added a few minutes to the half way timer and went slow and steady.

I managed to find my rhythm and enjoyed my run much more even though my overall pace was slower. I did give a nice burst for the last home stretch!

In total I ran for 35 minutes with the two 5 mins walks either side so was out total of 45 minutes. Which will be tough on week days as I will probably have to go straight to the school run from the run. But I think the extra five mins at a slower pace is better for me than a faster pace and five mins time gained. The pace may come by itself anyways...

12 Replies
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Great work ⭐️ Go you !

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Glad you enjoyed your run today CrimsonMama, particularly glad that there were no problems with your calves and arm's as there were in your previous runs.

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Well done. The beauty of being through the plan is nobody says it has to be 30 minutes at a time... so you did a 35, and when that won’t fit your day a 20 is great! Sometimes I just go and run a mile... other days I go for time endurance and sometimes distance... it’s all good.

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CrimsonMama in reply to UnfitNoMore

That's a good way of looking at it! I know however I walk, jog or run it's all brilliant exercise for me and being outside seems to make me feel happier! But I confess I like seeing the higher calorie burned number I get from a run! And if I can get close to 500 calories burned in the least amount of time the better!

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Well done! I’m still consolidating runs and am happily running slowly, I’m not sure faster running is for me.

Some kind person posted this a few weeks ago (wish I could find who it was as it’s been so useful). The Japanese way of slow jogging!

I’m going to add a few more mins next week, and build up slowly to a longer, but not faster run.

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I'd like to watch this video but no matter what I do, it just won't play. I'd like to try and watch on YouTube itself. What's the title of the video, please?

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I looked up "Japanese slow jogging" which explained that you should always land on the ball of your foot and take small steps. It's not fast but is sustainable so you can do it for longer.

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DiscoRunnerGraduate in reply to CrimsonMama

I’ve re posted the video - it’s not quite on the ball of the foot, but slightly flat & ball (if that makes sense?!)

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I’m posting in the app and not sure links work so well 😬 try this

And the full title is - Slow Jogging: science-based natural running for weigh-loss, health & performance benefits

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I can't get it to play at all on my Android phone or Windows PC.

Is this the video?

It's a wonderful video. The woman looks a little uncomfortable whilst the man is moving so easily and smoothly. I'd like to think I've a natural talent for slow jogging, haha ;)

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That’s exactly the video! It’s taken the pressure off to try and go faster! And thinking about foot placement and back position has helps me get lost in the run, and I’m not huffing & puffing, just in the zone!

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I hope I move as gracefully as the professor when I'm 70+. The beauty is that slow isn't a marker of being unfit, and that everyone is jogging/running at their own comfortable pace on the fitness scale.

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