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Did it!!! Who’d have thought. Trust the programme and don’t look at the next week!!! This is actually happening. Slow and steady but I’m doing it. Have confidence in yourselves newbies. I love the buzz it gives me when I’m done. Xx

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Congratulations CateBlack on getting to run 2 of week 5, you are correct in not looking at the next week or run so I will not tell you about run 3 of week 5 or the other weeks that you have still to do except to wish luck with them.

CateBlack in reply to AlMorr

Thanks AlMorr. I may have sneaked a peak at that one 🥴


Wonderful! You have cracked it now. No matter what Laura throws at you it cannot defeat you because you set the pace that gets you to the end. Worked for me... it will work for you too.

Who’s Laura?

GreywhiskersGraduate in reply to CateBlack

Ah, perhaps you are not using the podcasts. Laura is the inspiration for the program and she is the voice of the podcasts. Many of us have found these podcasts enormously helpful because they free you from having to manage the timing of the runs and are unfailingly encouraging

Ah ok. Is that the same as sarah Millican one?

Razouski in reply to CateBlack

Laura was the instigator of the programme and was originally on podcasts. When they launched the app it has the same advice/guidance/prompts but you then get the choice of Sarah Milican, Joe Wiley, Michael Johnson and the lovely Laura. But you don’t get Laura’s “interesting” musical taste. 😂😂😂 After two years You and Julie still haunts my dreams...

GreywhiskersGraduate in reply to Razouski

Exactly, I am repeating week 9 as the front end of my next phase but You and Julie is like a sore that you cannot leave alone. However it got me here... just love it

I know exactly what you mean. I had to wean myself off You and Julie and Laura very gradually when I first graduated. ;-)


Slow and steady works.. trust the plan and have confidence in yourself!

All the runs are runnable.... some have got ill deserved bad names.... scary posts have helped with that.

Each run makes you stronger... you are ready for each and every one... yes, all different but each one building up to those 30 Minute runs...

Look forward with anticipation... the runs are all going to be done... go you!


Great running... gotta love that buzz! Enjoy run 3.

Another one hooked.

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