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Feeling lazy!


Hi all!

So, just as the title says, I'm feeling lazy! I took a break on Tuesday as it was my Birthday and yesterday I couldn't do the run as my car broke down so spent most of the day waiting for recovery and then in the garage.

Last night I was determind that I would get out today. But now today is here, I really can't be bothered. I know I'll feel good after, but it's actually getting the motivation to get out. Especially when the temperature has dropped loads and it's so cold outside!

Does anyone else get this? If so, how do you get yourself out and running?

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I would remind yourself of why you wanted to start this journey. Remember how good you felt after you completed whichever run you are up to, and look forward to the next step along the way. Just get out there and I’ll bet once you are actually out of the house you will be so pleased you made the effort. May be a good idea for you to plan set days and times for all your runs and make that the number one priority in your life. Good luck you can ado this.


Dont over think it. Get your gear on. That doesn't mean you have to run.

Oh you've got your gear on. Take some water, why not go and see what it's like outside.

That's how I do it, I don't think too much about it because the gremlins are very powerful.

We are all behind you, you can do it!


Why did you start in the first place?

What are you expecting from C25K?

Write those two questions down, along with the answers.

Now ask yourself whether those answers still hold true.

Assuming that they do, just put your shoes on and head out the door.

Nothing will change unless you make it happen.

The physical and mental health benefits from becoming a regular runner are vast and wide ranging, having positive impacts in so many areas of life.

So much achievable, simply by heading out for a run.........

...........or you can stay on the couch.

You can do this.


Set your stuff out the night before... plan your routes.. then just get up and go... simple as that!

If your reasons for starting this have not changed... then nothing has... just do it:)


You’re not unusual... yesterday there was a storm here and although not cold, there was quite a wind, so it was going to feel it. I spent a while trying to decide... then I put the news on and that inspired me to get away from the TV, so off I went!

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