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Tough run w8r1

I found the whole run tough this morning with my breathing being a problem from the start. I think I started off too 'quickly', although my running is barely much quicker than walking. The start of the run was uphill and it was windy. I managed to run for 24 minutes but then needed 2 minutes of walking to catch my breath before running for another 6 minutes. I shall put this down to experience, at leat I managed a 20min plus run in difficult conditions. It can only get better

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Uphill start and wind will take it out of you a little... well done for taking that run on. You’re doing really well, and today’s run strengthened you and made you fitter. Enjoy your next one.


Thank you, I did take heart from the fact that a hard run must be helping improve my overall stamina and fitness

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It’s more than that... in some ways the tough ones are better... they test your mental strength too!


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