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W8R1 Phew that was tough!

Just in from the first of this week's runs. Well, I have showered; I wouldn't want to sit here sweaty and smelly :)

Boy was this the hardest ever! Don't know whether it was because it is a warm day, whether my muscles were tired from last night's boxing class, or whether I was still a little dehydrated from too much wine at my mate's last night.

From the minute I set off on the run I wanted to stop. I honestly felt I couldn't do this today. I've had some feelings in the past like "I really can't be bothered to do this today" but this was different. This was "I really can't do this today".

But I kept on plodding whilst thighs, calves, lungs and even buttocks screamed at me to stop. It didn't feel good, I didn't enjoy it but I did make it round. I never really got into a rhythm this afternoon, panting all the way round and wishing it was over.

Not looking forward to Sunday morning and my next run. Doubts that I can complete this are creeping in :(

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There wll always be runs like that. But then there are other days when you breeze through the run and think 'is that all'?

If you have done it once then you _know_ you can do it, so you can dispense with the doubts (and possibly the boxing class and the excess wine from the night before... ;-) )


Well done for finishing when you felt less than great.

Personally I'm sitting here all disgusting and sweaty after my run, I will shower soon honestly!


Awwww Pam, don't worry. You completed it and will be better prepared for Sunday as a result! Doubt very much if previous runs or boxing has made you feel rough .. The harsh reality is much more likely to have been the indulgences last night. Not blaming or anything, just alerting you - been there, done that - and I still love my vino ... you'll just have to measure the amount and recovery time next time before attempting to run when your brain is trying to separate itself from your skull because of dehydration. Make a point of having a huge drink of water anyway, about an hour before a fun, (a banana too if you're peckish) and you'll feel much better - and all those goodies will get your muscles ready for the effort. Have a great run on Sunday ... You are getting so close to graduation time now :) ;) :D Cheers, Linda x


Well done for soldiering on even though everything was screaming at you to stop. It may have been the boxing and the wine, or it just may be that your body needs another rest day. I found that as the runs got longer I needed an extra day between, and even now when I am regularly running 5k I still prefer to take two or even three days between runs.

I hope tomorrow's run goes well. You can complete this - we know you can! We're all cheering you on :)


Thanks everyone for your comments. Feeling excited about tomorrow but anxious at the same time.


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