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lots to do, lots to see. Sing along! What do you mean you don't know it? Clearly you were never exposed to late 80's BBC Midday children's programming on a rainy day during lunchtime play break.

Well, anyway, today I invited beloved MrPsycho to come with me for a run/walk, as he's back on his healthy eating plan and i thought doing some walking together would help him along.

Well, he gets bored on the route i normally take when I'm at home so he suggested we walk to the park & ride, catch the bus to town and walk around town a bit (obviously pausing the trackers whilst riding the bus) and then catch the bus back to the park & ride then walk home.

Good plan, I thought, as with our work schedules, Mr Psycho and I don't get to do many things together.

We had a lovely walk around town, paused to eat lunch in my favourite locally owned cafe (where MrPsycho did an excellent job of staying on his Healthy Eating and DIDN'T have the cafe's all-day-full-breakfast and instead opted for eggs on the place's homemade brown bread and one of their homemade scotch eggs - he has more WeightWatchers points than me. I had Mexican Veggie & Bean soup, no sour cream, no nachos, no bread. 'cos I know you're interested)

We're both now returned to the Psycho-Abode where we were enthusiastically greeted by our Small Furry Overlady and have been told how cruel we were to leave her home alone with no one to cuddle with. lol

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Well done on getting out & even more well done on Mr P for going with you! X

in reply to Dhiny

he almost didn't come but then changed his mind, got his shoes on and walked with me.


Nice run guys... and I’m salivating over the thought of that post run lunch. Enjoy the next one, and I hope you get the opportunity to run together again soon.

Now I have more than one 80’s kids TV theme in my head, I’m off to go and look through the round window!

Great work and nice lunch Mr and Mrs Psycho!😊xx


Well done the two of you!

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