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Big smile


So I completed my W3R1 today. I actually enjoyed it and after completing the 3 minute run I said out load "oh god I did it" because I was not only shocked but found it easier than I thought. Plus the walk down at the end I must have looked like a stupid idiot because I had this silly grin on my face because I was do pleased with myself. It was easier than I thought it would be. I also was more careful with the "brisk" walk ensuring I warmed up but didn't get too out of breath before I started the first run. To say I'm proud of myself is an understatement!

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You’re right to be proud of yourself... very nice progress you’re making... you’ll amaze yourself lots more. Enjoy run 2

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Your support and encouragement does help me too. Cheers



I'm so pleased you are a little ahead of me because each time I can get reassurance on what is coming next! Yesterday I was thinking, bother in 2 runs I'm going to have to double my run time and not sure how I'll manage that! (the words used were not quite so polite). Well done on making it to week 3, you should be proud, what a progress since the start!


You should be very proud of yourself Breakingbenjamin, well done on getting to week 3 run 1, onwards and upwards to run 2 of week 3 and beyond for the next 6 weeks or so, you can repeat any runs or week's if you wish. 😊 🏃


Well done. I just completed W1R2 today and also had a big smile on my face.

Well done!

Amaaaaaaazing! Congratulations

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