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2nd attempt at first run. Hoping it gets easier!


2nd attempt at wk1 run1 and only made it half way! I haven't ran I don't think I have ran in over 20 years!! Walk the dog and have managed to climb goat fell a few years ago. Why is running so hard. Put on 3 stone in 6 months so know I must do something but it's so hard. Hopefully make the full run on my third attempt on Friday. Taking my 9 year old daughter for motivation!

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You’ve got this!! Keep going you’re doing brill! 🏃‍♀️💖

Thanks lauralm94



You are going too fast!!!!!

How do I know?

Because everyone does.

Read this guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... and next run go at the recommended pace at which you can speak clear ungasping sentences..........that is the pace that builds stamina.

Enjoy your journey.

Thanks for the tips. I think the reason I've struggled is I don't drink much water so inbetween walking and running I was so thirsty. Going to try make sure I'm drinking plenty before next run and see. If that helps!


I climbed Goat Fell a hill on the Isle of Arran pwhen I was 11, just take your runs a bit slower and you will be able to to complete the course this time. 😊 🏃

Unlike dancing when you go slow, slow, quick, quick, slow, here we believe in the power of the snail. There really is no limit as to how slow you can go, this is the key to building your foundations of running, and you’ve already made an achievement you’ve got half way through R1. So now you know the universal power of the snail your 3rd attempt will be the one that clinches it, I’m sure.

Slow, smooth, soft and certain are the watchwords for success. Good luck for next time out, but now you are a fully fledged member of the snail appreciation society, I’m sure you won’t need it!

Thanks I will try slow down. Though I didn't think I was running fast


Well done getting out there and working. Running is tough... but if you persist then you will run 30 minutes... if you do that in July, it’s gonna make just the same difference to your life than if you do in in March! Keep working and every bit of running you do will make you stronger... you will get there so don’t add any pressure to yourself.

Thanks yes I am going to take it at my own pace. Would love to complete in 9 weeks but hey if it takes me longer so be it. 😀


The point is at least you're trying , you will get this good luck

I was the same keep going. I only got to week 5 last year and circumstances and family issues make it impossible to continue but I am starting again this week and looking forward to it. Good luck.

Good luck

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