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Memorable graduation run

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Well, it's taken five days since my last run, but I finally finished W9R3 today. It was an outstanding feeling of elation and success. For music I chose The Who, Who's Next album that has two of my favourite tracks. It begins with Baba O'Reilly - made famous as the opening tune to CSI New York, and ends with Won't Get Fooled Again - the theme song to CSI Miami.

Towards the end during the last minute, when Sarah was congratulating me for running for 30 minutes, the last album track had just started. I was not tired at all, and pushed through to the end of the song, a total running time of 35 minutes, and properly prepared for the next part of the journey.

I will look on the forum again to see how to request a Graduation Cert. I wish to thank every member on here who has encouraged me both by responding to my posts, and in creating their own which I have always found inspiring. I also know how I need to prepare for park runs, having attended my first on Christmas morning. A lot of work to do there. I have defeated Type 2 Diabetes and lost a stone in weight. I said it before but thank God for the NHS and for all the staff who work there. What a fantastic institution. We are very fortunate indeed to live in a country that maintains that institution.

Best of luck to all my fellow couch25K runners. Have a great 2019

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Click on the link and Congratulations....:)

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Well done you ! A massive set of achievements 🥇⭐️⭐️⭐️ All the best with the next stage of your journey x

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Fantastic news! Congratulations!

Do keep posting after graduation as it’s really inspiring to all of us out there!

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Mercmancouchto5kGraduate in reply to Couchpotato2

I will, and I am waiting to see your record length name. Onecouchpotatotwocouchpotatothreecouchpotatofour

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Couchpotato2Ambassador in reply to Mercmancouchto5k

Haha exactly !

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Congratulations! Finished off in style too... great job. Have a good celebration and consolidation. Enjoy all your future running adventures.

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Well done. I graduated yesterday - it was a fantastic moment. When you look back to the start, how hard the first few one minutes runs were and the amazing progress - it is an amazing achievement. Well done! And what a result for your health. Many congratulations.

👏 👏 👏 🥳 👏 👏 👏

Incredible journey! Huge congratulations on your achievements! I look forward to seeing all your PBs as you accumulate them!

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👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Well done you are a ⭐️

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Congratulations Mercmancouchto5k on graduating🎓 and completing week 9 run 3. Nice tribute to the NHS from you, also well done on defeating Type 2 diabetes and losing 1 stone, onwards and upwards on your running journey🏃🎓

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Congratulations 🥳👍

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