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What's the best distance tracker?

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I'm about to run w6r3 and so far I've paid no attention to distance, just amazed myself being able to keep going for the durations but now I'd like some idea how far I'm going. What's the best (free) run tracker app to download? I know I've seen recommendations on here but I can't find them now. Respect to everyone that's amazing themselves with what our bodies and minds can achieve when we push ourselves x

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I really like Map My Run! I don’t tend to do any of the fancy stuff (like loading a route) but do use it to track distances. You can also make notes after the run is completed and listen to music as you go along. It’s also a good way of seeing how long it’s been since your last run!

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I'm assuming you have a mobile phone - I know I shouldn't assume really. Anyway, you could try the STRAVA app. It can record your runs, with distance, times etc. I think it's free, can't remember! Sorry, old age dims the memory 😬. Happy running 🌻

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There’s maybe 200 apps that will track distance... it all depends what you want on top of that. Some offer social networking type stuff, some offer a billion and one stats, some have training plans (for after this one of course) and some even have coaches in your ears. Most apps are free, some have premium add ons. Personally I use Nike Run Club.

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I use strava (free version) also have Nike run club which i mainly use for podcasts etc....

I used MMR and I’m getting used to Strava too as it’s linked to my new Garmin which I got for Christmas. 😀

Both easy to navigate and their free versions are perfect.

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Loads of apps out there, some free some not.. I use my Garmin with Strava :)

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The one i downloaded was STRAVA easy to install and easy to use

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I like free Endomondo. Easy and faf free, I don't use any of the social features.

Excellent. Thanks everyone, I'm going to give Strava a go. Does it work alongside the c25k app?

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Bassman999Graduate in reply to GuybrushThreepwood

Yes, Strava will work alongside the C25K app on your smartphone, I was doing that until about a week ago. My problem was my phone sometimes lost its GPS connection and consequently Strava gave me some poor results eg. Not tracking my entire run. I resolved this by biting the bullet and investing in a Garmin watch which does the GPS tracking and feeds the data to Strava via its own app called Garmin Connect on my phone. The whole thing is easy to setup and is very reliable. HTH.

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GuybrushThreepwoodGraduate in reply to Bassman999

Brilliant thanks

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Windhover in reply to Bassman999

This is the info I’ve been looking for! Thanks

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Most people use Strava as it’s social too 👌🏽

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