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Best way to up distance in a week??


So I have been doing Cto5 since the end of September. Have missed a few and repeated a few weeks so yesterday I did my Week 7.1 run. I 'ran' very slowly for a full 20 minutes but only made 3.05km. Problem is the 5km run I have signed up for is next Saturday. And it will be very hilly (I've only done flat runs so far) and going to be cold. Whats the best way to up my distance in a week??? One of my runs a few weeks ago I did with a friend who is a runner and I managed 4.4km that time but on my own the furthest I have run has been about 3.7km

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Assuming it’s a fun run here, concentrate on the word fun and run/walk it. Your run with your friend was a big injury risk, as would be going from 3 to 5k in one jump.

Graduate from the programme, consolidate on 30 minutes and then work on distance and pace.


This is a gentle run for fun... just run it walk it and mainly complete your Week 7? Run on Saturday. Don't try to run it all...:)

There is no quick fix for speed or run for you...and you build up slowly and safely.. do it and enjoy it:)


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

UnfitNoMore and Oldfloss have said it all.

There is no quick fix and trying to find one would likely cause an injury, so just go and have some fun and know that when you do your next fun run you will be better prepared.

Enjoy the journey.


If you can run 3.7km on your own, then 5km with other people will be no bother at all. I say that because of experience. To run 10k, the you should be capable of running 7-8k for example. Marathon training involves longest runs of about 20 or 21 miles when the race is actually 26.2 miles. So you'll be fine. Relax and enjoy!

Good luck!


GenevaRunner in reply to John_W

Too true. I did it`...

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