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Finally accomplished 5k in 30 mins


Just did 5k on the treadmill set at a speed of 10km/h! Feeling pretty good. 😁 Just wanted to share, feel like shouting at the top of my lungs. Couch to 5k really works, I would and have recommend it to family and friends. I remember when I was struggling with more than a minute. I remember the jump to 8 and 20 minutes too.

I am hesitant about trying to run outside though, I don’t know how I’ll pace myself, I’m used to seeing the information on a screen. Also weather/temperature comes into play. When I run to the train station the air is a lot harsher on my lungs. But there’s a lot more scenery.

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Excellent 🥳 well done you 👍


Well done you.... and you are right... take a peek outside and see where you get to :)


Well done......... it is very different outside.

I would die of boredom doing thirty minutes on a dreadmill.......each to our own.


Congratulations... great run.

Outside will be strange at first... but you’ll get used to it. Starting on grass will be closer than pavements to the impact, but it does sap energy more though, so it’s swings and roundabouts. Maybe try one day a week outdoors to start?

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