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W7R3 completed by sheer will power

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Having struggled with a cold and the excesses and exhaustion that is a family Christmas, I managed to finally get on and complete W7. A week between W6R3 (stinking cold) and W7R1 didn’t help me, then another week between W7R1 and R2 (Christmas). I can’t say I have enjoyed my running - although I somehow managed to mis-time R2 and ran for 27mins instead of the requisite 25. I am a little disillusioned as I imagined that I would an Olympic athlete by now. But no ..... just the same old chubby 54 year old I was when I started ! 😰

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Haha don't beat up yourself you've achieved a lot considering your interruptions. I think W7 is tough because it's you're first week without walk breaks. Keep it up, you've got the finishing line in sight and as a similarly weight challenged 62 yr old I've found my strength and stamina increasing with regular 3 runs a week. Enjoy your running in 2019

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Well done..just be patient... the rewards will come!

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It’s ok... there’s no rush... 2019 is not an Olympic year!!!

Some tweaks to nutrition are going to be needed to lose weight I’m afraid... a marathon burns less than a pound of fat, so running is not the answer by itself. Great job on the running though... I’m going out on a limb here, you’re not the “same old chubby 54 year old” you’re the new fitter, biologically younger though chronologically still 54 chubby person... a few tweaks on the nutritional side will help get rid of the chubby word... but that word doesn’t define you... you are not fat, you have some fat with you for now. Keep on going, you’re extending the life expectancy and that’s the most important thing. If you need nutritional help, join weight loss NHS on this server, they’ve forgotten more about weight than the people selling diet books ever knew and are a super supportive group.

Thank you - you’re advice is invaluable. To be fair I’m not THAT chubby - but could lose a stone!! It would have then give me a chance of being an Olympic athlete. 😊

Valid point re 2019 - non Olympic year. Hooray more time. Seriously thank you.

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Iamnotarunner

No worries... you’ll be ready for 2020!

You may gain a few pounds while running, but it will tone you up over time so while the stone will need nutritional tweaks to get rid of in most cases, you’ll lose some inches, so that little chubby can go pretty soon! So grab a tape measure and measure those chubby bits 😱 and when the scales don’t give you the right number, grab that measure again and get the full picture. Muscle is heavier than fat (well, denser as my physics tutor always corrected me) so you can gain weight and lose inches... it’s all about health and fitness... remember at his peak Arnold Schwarzenegger would have measured well into obese on BMI alone, it isn’t everything. You’ll reach all your goals and slow and steady is the key to all of them.

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