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Orange glowing arms! Am I only freak?

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Seriously I have googled this and only get posts on red faces! But when I run my arms seem to glow orange! If its lightly raining or there is moisture in the air it is even more noticeable and is an orange glow radiating off my skin by about 2cm.

I am totally guessing this is all fine and something to do with releasing heat and the 'healthy glow' exercise is supposed to produce?

Or else there is something medically wrong with me? I can find anyone else saying they notice this!!

Ps I am not on any medications except some vitamin tablets....

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I do not think that there is anything wrong with you CrimsonMama, it's just exertion that causes that glow, your glow is perhaps a little more orange than the more normal red, its not so much my arms, rather my legs that glow a bit, especially when I am out running🏃 or especially cycling🚴. 😊 🏃

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CrimsonMama in reply to AlMorr

Lol my legs never see the light of day! Not even on a beach hahaha! Now you got me wondering if they glow too? X-D

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AlMorrGraduate in reply to CrimsonMama

I always wear shorts when cycling and most if the time when running but not always, once the warmer weather comes start wearing running shoes and shorts when out runs, I am sure you will feel the benefit on wearing them

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Have you:

a) Explored any mysterious crashing asteroid craters in the dead of night

b) Worked at a badly maintained nuclear power station/secret research lab

Recently? If not, i reckon you're probably okay 😁

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You must have thermal imaging eyes.

Seriously, it sounds more like a visual issue, as we don't emit a visual heat trace that can be seen by the naked eye.

It might be worth mentioning to your GP.

Hmm I did wonder if it was an aura thing! My mum said when she used to exercise she we get an 'exercise glow' of yellow !

My family does have a bit of a spooky history....

Too much readybrek I reckon 😂