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Completed week 3

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I honestly can’t believe I have made it this far!

Today was a first, due to party season I missed a run day on Wednesday so had to do Thursday and then Saturday instead. So today I ran in the morning, in the daylight instead of the usual cover of darkness! Also, my four legged running buddy was spayed yesterday and so can’t join me for a while...... so this morning I felt very exposed, running in the daylight where people could see me, and all alone. But it was fine and I completed it, faster than the previous two runs of this week. I wouldn’t say I’m in any way confident about the runs next week but I am looking forward to trying!

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Great job on the run and overcoming a fear... they’ve seen you now, and they probably don’t remember!

Keep it nice and slowly paced and you’ll be fine in week 4, enjoy.

Whoop whoop! Go E!

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