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Struggled on W7R3

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I really really found this tough today, almost to the point of giving up... but I didn’t!

I’m going to repeat the run on Sunday and start W8 on Xmas Day.

I think I know why I struggled, there were various reasons, so I’m just going to count it as a bad run.

I drank last night (oops) which never helps, I didn’t drink any water this morning when I normally have loads when working and I’ve heard that this leads to heavy legs.

And finally, I changed my route as I was getting bored of just four times round the block and I was able to do it in the day time today and it was a lot more uphill than I expected!

Still, onward and upwards!!

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If the route was more hilly than expected but you still did it then don’t feel disheartened, as it’s a good achievement even though you felt it was hard. Lots of people will say just move on to the next run, but I did repeat some runs, which for me meant I had a bit more confidence when I did move on. Everyone’s different so do what feels right for you.

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Pollyanna24Graduate in reply to LucyLou9

Thanks. I have repeated a few of the runs as some weeks I run four times (mon/wed/fri/sun) and so instead of moving onto the next week, I have just repeated.

I’m not in any rush to complete, would rather feel comfortable rather than feeling I can’t cope.

I’m tempted to not go the slightly more hilly route on Sunday, but maybe I’ll find it easier if I prepare better, ie drink more water and less prosecco!

Lol, when they say drink more liquids, they don’t mean Prosecco 😂 Well done for getting out there and running - that’s all that matters.

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Well... what can I say... you know some of the causes of the tough run, so that’s good... and you got the chance to push through with your mental strength, which is not a bad thing in any way. So the run sucked... but you didn’t... great job! Enjoy week 8

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