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It was raining so I put Russell (my waterproof jacket) on and we started off.

The thing about Russell is he’s hot and annoying so I ended up taking it off whilst running and knotting the arms around my waist like a sort of mid drift cape..

Today’s run consisted of “Why do my legs hurt, Why am I finding it harder”, blah blah moan grump thoughts.. however, when I finished I looked at my strava and was shocked to find I’d pushed myself and run a little further and faster than previous.

I didn’t notice mainly because of the wind pelting huge drops of rain into my face and Russell acting like a sail in the wrong way.

I am pleased with it myself, even if it is at the expense of my own embarrassment because I grumbled so much 😂

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Can I ask why you call it Russell?

Sazzles9Graduate in reply to Thehandyman

Because when I run it Russell’s like a packet of crisps 😂

Thehandyman in reply to Sazzles9

Very good 😂

SteveWebboGraduate in reply to Sazzles9



Well down to you, not so sure about well done to Russell 🤣

Keep up the great work 👍


Haha! Russell 😂 Well done you, and not long to go now - it’s getting exciting 😁


Well done on your run Sazzles9 two more weeks and you be done you are smashing it 😂 happy running 🏃‍♀️

pete1212Graduate in reply to pete1212

How did you find it running with someone ( Russell ) Sazzles9 😂🤣😂🤣

Sazzles9Graduate in reply to pete1212

Annoying, dragged me back... almost dumped him in a bush 😂


If moaning and groaning gets you through, carry on, I say 😂

Some days are easier than others, but well done for getting it done, despite Russell's best efforts 😂 🤣

Sazzles9Graduate in reply to Joanney69

I was discussing my moaning with my friend at work and she said she might take up running just so I can moan out loud because I do it in a funny way apparently... I think she just wants to steal Russell from me 😂

Haha @ Russell. You might have started a trend here with us naming our clothes.


Trainers - Gonzales (as in Speedy) lol

Sazzles9Graduate in reply to LittleIreland

Russell = Jackets

Speedys = trainers

We need peeps to add more 😂🤣


Russell!! 😂 Definitely going to be stealing that one!!

My contribution: Bones = my bone conduction headphones. 😁

Sazzles9Graduate in reply to MrWomble

I have a head band that keeps my ears warm, I call it my pat cash 😂🎾

Great read Sazzles! Although I had to do a double take as I thought you meant Jack Russell at first 😂😂Any way massive well done!


Haha! Leave Russell behind next time! Short sleeves for me at the moment! Well done, you probably found it tough because you were going a bit faster without realising it!

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