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Over enthusiastic



I'm 59, couldn't made w2r1, five weeks ago, but I had been keeping the programme marvelously until today that I made w7r2. The "problem" was that today I ran for 30 min with no problems. Now, my question is: Should I go back to 25 minutes runs (w7) or keep running 30 minutes until I reach w9?

Thank you NHS. I love C25k. I love Laura, my sweet and encouraging trainer.

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Run the 25 minute runs..stick to the plan... the structured build up all help to build up the running muscles...take it steady and relax as you move towards the podium...

Use your spare energy for core strength and stamina exercises on some of your rest days:)

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Thank you! Good advice, Oldfloss. I will calm down and stick to the plan.


I had Laura when I was rerunning C25K after a short time on the Injury Couch. When I was doing C25K the first time I had no phone with me and did it all from memory from my Laptop before I set out. I got a new Smartphone and had Laure for revision so to speak, nice things you say about her. Run week 7 as on the schedule, 25 minutes, not long now until you graduate.

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I sure will. Thank you, AlMorr


Great progress, but I have to agree with Oldfloss, stick to the programme... you may be capable of 30 plus minutes fitness wise, but the strength needs to develop in your running legs too... going too far to early can cause injuries that would put you back to run 1 after a few months. Relax and enjoy those 25 minute runs.

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Understood! As a newbie, I didn't considered the possible consequences. Thank you UnfitNoMore.

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