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Please help!!

Hi again.....

I know it's been a while since my last post. That's because I haven't done ANY running. I just have no motivation! I can't run my favorite route because I don't normally get home until 17:00 and I leave the house at 07:15. The nights are too dark to run there anymore (its a beautiful trail- but it has no lights!). I hate running around the village because its too small and it gets so boring running round and round in circles. What should I do?

I was planning on running tomorrow but it'll be the first for a few months. Which week of C25K should I start on? Or I could do a couple of guided runs on the Nike app. I need a guided run of some description with a person talking or I feel lonely 😂

Thanks, Clara

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Start back on the week before the one you were on.. steady and slow...:)

Is there a running group in your area, you could run with? Weekend runs and early morning maybe..head torches are useful :) Reverse the routes around your village and then head out to somewhere new at the weekend?

Otherwise... indoor running for the winter months...the days will be getting lighter soon :)

It is a tough time of year for running and hard to get out avoiding the weather or daylight issues. Not sure what to suggest in terms of what to do next, maybe try a 15 - 20 min run and see how you feel, though others on here may say different. Just, really, get out and run when you can and look forward to the longer days and some sunshine.

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Try a sneaky 1:1 and be amazed at what you can do compared with the first time ! Then see what it tells you about where to start back. You can do this !

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It starts getting lighter again after next weekend 😀

If you want to tick over for a few weeks, this being the silly season and all, then there’s guided runs from 5 to 90 minutes that fit in and will keep you going if it’s impossible to fit C25K runs in... maybe still progress the plans when your not working?

Just do it! A walk run with music, you will be amazing 😀

This is probably a bit counterintuitive but I have the same problem in that my favourite run is dark, so I've taken to driving a short distance to a well lit and safe place where I occasionally see other runners. Beats running in a circle at least....! 😊

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