warning starting c25k can lead to this

warning starting c25k can lead to this

so i set off today to do battle on the guided busway the plan was to try for st ives and back thats 12 there and 12 back i know im full if it however i wasnt for long tight calfs for the first 3 miles then a loo stop then left foot went numb so i had to stop again ,its a this point i was ready to stop but hell no and im glad i did got to 9 and turned round to head back loverly all good to 14 then evil runner in my head telling me to stop oh no i said so i run on ,a loverly runner came past me smile and laughed i didnt have the energy to tell here i was at mile 16 and by this time id developed my own personal shower .it killed me im glad ive done but i think a little more work for me happy running all

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  • Wow!! you did brilliantly! Well done!

  • cheers carole was hard work at the end getting close to 26 under 4hrs

  • blimey you are amazing, well done!

  • cheers jj was hard work near the end but im up for a 3.30 marathon time if i keep this up you should start adding a mile or half each week for your long runs this will help no end for your full m .well done for your run good job keep it up train hard run easy

  • Nice one. Did you bring your swimmers? Last I heard the path along the busway was routinely flooding.

  • only went to swavesey well just passed but the boys on the bikes were out

  • Well done!

  • Wow, you are amazing. Well done.

  • Excellent...Nice run, with what sounds like a fantastic pace.

  • cheers phil72 hopefully i will be hitting the 20 plus next time

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