Non-running day frustration

If someone had said to me that I'd wake up in the morning and feel a little frustration and disappointment that I couldn't run today, I'd never have believed it!

I know I need my rest days, I know 4 runs a week are the maximum my body will allow (I've tried more despite advice, my legs had the strength of blancmange!) but the inner 'need' to run is really strong and a total surprise to me! I know I could go to the gym but the weather is so nice it's a shame not to be out in it. So I'm looking for long walks to do instead. And I'm excited about it, really excited! I've got all this energy and if I don't do something I feel I'm going to explode.

What happened to the couch potato that was content to sit on the sofa eating Jaffa Cakes and playing Candy Crush?! What a difference 😊


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  • I know what you mean and it's equally a surprise to me too! :D I really want to go for a run today as the weather is going to change tomorrow, but I did my hardest run to date yesterday and know I have to rest before the dreaded wk5run3!

    I will be doing some yoga at lunchtime but it's not the same is it!


  • I'm glad it's not just me then! I didn't realise getting 'the running bug' was a real thing. But it certainly seems to be 😊

  • Other forms of exercise such as swimming, cycling are fine to burn off that energy. I found I needed the rest days as I git I to the latter stages of the C25K programme! I still think rest is very much needed. I did 2 long runs recently so took 2 rest days to recover, legs are ready to go today

  • Sadly my bike has rusted away due to neglect, so cycling is out. I'm doing the C25K with my daughter and Friday which was W4R2 we covered 4K, then Saturday I did a Parkrun and that was a lot harder than usual. We learn by experience...

  • It can be addictive to get out there - especially when the weather is perfect and you are enjoying progress in the plan.

    Take things easy though - rest days (from running) are important too.

  • They jelly-leg feeling wasn't nice at all πŸ™ There's no joy in running too soon and finding that out

  • I totally get what you mean! I normally run on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. This week Monday was out so I ran on Sunday instead. Well, yesterday was OK as I was busy decontaminating my sons room and bathroom 😱 In his halls. I decided to get back to my normal schedule and run tomorrow. I was not prepared for how frustrated I would feel not running today! I don't run on Tuesday's! But two days off midweek is simply wrong. I am ok with the weekend off as we usually go for a brisk walk (OK, it's to the pub but it's still a brisk walk☺️). I have got this running bug bad πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒThe me who used to spend as much time as possible on the sofa watching NCIS and eating Moam Pinballs (yum!). Bring on Wednesday πŸ‘

  • The change happens so subtlety! One minute it was something to do, now it seems essential! And I can't stop looking at running kit! 😳

  • Haha! Love it Needing-answersΒ -Β me too!! πŸƒπŸƒ gotta look the part lol!! And this forum has overtaken FB!! Lol!! πŸƒπŸƒ

  • I've got a favourite pair of running leggings! I'm mean I wouldn't have been seen in daylight in legging before this! Lol

  • Yes! FB is boring now. Nobody runs. All muggles, really, aren't they?

  • Does that mean we're magic?!?! *looks around to see if there's a Hogwarts letter*

  • Yes, and the muggles don't have a clue!

  • I now feel the need to run in my Hogwarts Tshirt! Lol 😊

  • The same happens to me... It'unbilievable! In the rest days I go walking or, sometimes, in the swimming pool.... I need to do something... And I was a couch potato... I think I am becoming addicted...

  • It's strange isn't it?! All this extra energy and motivation just appears!

    I wouldn't swap it for the world tho 😊

  • still love a Jaffa cake #;-)

  • I've not had one yet. I've not ruled them out, just not seeing them as a complete food group... 😳

  • you mean they are not !!!!! Oh no 😞

  • It appears not sadly 😳

  • I'm constantly thinking about running, looking forward to the next run, planning my first parkrun, researching gear, etc. I'm seriously hooked.

  • There are far worse things to be hooked on 😊

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