Leg pains after running

Hello, I'm 61 and now on week 3 of Couch to 5k. I've done very little exercise since my 40's. Not doing too badly although I do find I'm very tired the day after a run and often need two days off between runs. Biggest problem now is that I'm getting shooting pains down the back of my right leg and these go on and off even during days I'm not running. Is this something I should try to keep going through or not? I really don't want to give up!!


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  • Hi Sue, it's a great age to start the plan! I'm afraid I can't give advice here other than to say check it out if it's pain rather than general muscle ache due to starting to run. Good luck

  • Agree totally, if its aching no big deal just rest, if it's pain you have to get it seen to. Slow running is better than no running, and if you're in pain and it's an injury, then you need to be seen by a medic, to work out how you can run and after what treatment, rest, physiology whatever. I hope its just aching and that you can continue on the plan, without too much of a break. Good luck with it.

  • Hi Sue,

    Shooting pain down the back of your leg (even on rest days) goes way beyond the normal aches and pains you may expect from starting C25K after some activity.

    So I urge you to contact your GP, nurse practitioner, or make an appointment with a physiotherapist. And don't run again until you've had this looked at.

    Whilst you are not running, visit here often to get a daily fix of running-related banter, and we'll have you back outside again as soon as possible.

  • W3 ... well done!

    Like the others say we all end up with aches and pains, particularly us oldies (I'm 60). I find what helps most is stretching immediately after a run, during that day (I generally run in the morning) and on rest days.

    I've recently started using a foam roller recommended by my physio. A bit too soon to report on the benefits but fingers crossed it will help.

    Afraid I can't help with the tiredness, only to say I sleep like a log!

    If things don't ease might be worth seeing a sports physio who would give you specific exercises and stretches.

    Keep smiling and keep running, good luck!

  • Thanks very much indeed for your replies. I had a call from my daughter earlier and she'd just had a chat with a marathon runner she knows. His advice is to pause the app and do some stretching at the end of the five minute warm up, before starting to run. So thanks Wizziewood for that mention - it sounds like adding stretching into my routine should help. I'm going to try this for now but will see a physio if that doesn't sort the problem. Thanks again all!!

  • I've just graduated c25k at 49 and I have never been fit ! My legs ache and have ached for two months, but a dull ´youve done excercise ´ kind ache. I also felt really really tired for the first 6 weeks, which was the turning point for me. I had to repeat a couple of runs too... but hey. I'm not on the couch any more and can run (ok shuffle) for 30 minutes. Good luck and keep posting 👍

  • It could be sciatica which I first got at the grand old age of 25 😱 due to a spinal disc bulge!! I'm fine now and 20 years older but it did need a lot of physio to treat and prevent from getting worse so do go to the GP if it persists, to be on the safe side.

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