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With my daughter happily watching the Simpson’s on a Sunday afternoon, I took the opportunity to get W9R2 done while it’s dry and calm

Last week I got my best 5k time of 32:09 by starting the count after my warm up walk. Today I thought I was going to take it easy and just get through the run with ease. However I managed my fastest 1K, my fastest mile, and all 3 Strava segments on my route were a PB too

So the 5k today was 32:17, as you can see it’s not my fastest... but that included my warm up walk! I’ve no idea how that happened, but it went well :)

With 1 run left til I graduate I’m over the moon with that run!

I can actually believe a sub 30min 5k will happen eventually now

The time and distance after the run is a little more vague as the cool down walk was in Aldi before a walk home 😂

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Wow that's amazing Lozzles,enjoy your graduation run!?

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Is that a Strava time for 5k showing as your second best ever? If so it won’t be for the first 5k, but for the best 5k out of the 5.9. Great time regardless, close to my PB (and better than my average) for running all the way!

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Lozzles74Graduate in reply to ArthurJG

I checked my Garmin at 5k ;)

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ArthurJGGraduate in reply to Lozzles74

Nice one! I was months after graduation before I broke 32 minutes at parkrun. I’ve still only done it twice in my life. And that’s running all the way.

Well done!

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Smashing it! Love every single step of that graduation run. 5k under 30 is gonna come for sure... might not be far away at all... but the way you’ve changed your life before and during this plan, that’s the real victory... well done.

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