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Week5 R1 a cure for the “what ifs”

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So apparently I suffer from the “what ifs”.

I didn’t run for 3 days WHAT IF I bomb this run.

I am going to hit that huge hill at the end of a 5min run WHAT IF I can’t get up it.

WHAT IF I slip on wet leaves

WHAT IF this is the run I can’t complete

Guess what C25K cures that all if you just keep following the program.

3 days off no worries you can do this.

Huge hill I give you permission to go as slow as you want as long as both feet are off the ground.

Wet leaves they have been there for the other 12 runs don’t panic.

Guess what when you find a pace no matter how slow and you just keep going and it kind of feels like nirvana and you can solve world peace and oh hey you are RUNNING.


Today was awesome 😎 and when my third five min run came to an end I felt like if I had to I could go longer so there won’t be any what ifs for the 8 mins on Tuesday.

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Well done you ! Always remember the First Rule of C25k: The only run you fail is the run you don’t go for !

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I think you've got it!!!!

What ifs are fine, if positive!!!!

I find what ifs don’t have a chance against feel the fear and do it anyway! 😊

Awesome. Needed to hear that. I’m just into week two and really felt the fear about stepping up from week one. But did it.

Well done. 🙂

well done

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Great running. What if you just run that 20, the 30, and whatever else you set your mind to? Happy running. If that run ever comes that you can’t complete I think I know your what if... you dust yourself down, rest and then come back and kick its ass.

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You will run 20 minutes on Thursday. I know you will.

Nice one. Amazing how the mind can conquer all sorts of things. This program and the support from the group is spectacular. Go Emma, Go Emma, Go Emma

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