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Post injury run planning


I've finally got over my achilles problem that's been troubling me since 11th April. This evening whilst walking the dog I felt no pain whatsoever and tried a short (1 minute) jog to see if that would be the same. I'm pleased to say that was, so, if I get another 24 hours like this, I'm going to be back out there with the rest of you.

The question is, where do I start? I've graduated, so can do 30 minutes, but should I just go back to that or do a bit less? I was thinking maybe do the W5R3 run, so 20 minutes, and work up from there adding a few minutes each run until I get back to 30 minutes. What do others think? Am I being too cautious? Or too ambitious?

Any advice/guidance welcome.

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I would try and pick up from where you left off and see how you get on

yonda1960Graduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks misswobble, I'd originally thought I do just that and was probably being over cautious. I'm off work this week so if I feel no pain whilst walking the dog today I'll definitely start again tomorrow morning.

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yonda1960Graduate in reply to Hidden

Sounds sensible, thanks.


I'd do a 20 - 30 min run but maybe add in a walking session after ten mins or so. Personally I find I'm fine during the run but it's after my run when I'm walking that the injury niggles show themselves so rather than going full wack first out maybe break it up a bit?

runningnearbeirutGraduate in reply to Tiger79

I have no experience with coming back after injury, but this sounds very sensible. If you aim for 10 mins running, 1 walking then 10 running, then if your injury doesn't flare up you'll have a pretty good sense of achievement because you'll manage to do what you set out to do.

If you feel comfortable afterwards, then next time you could try something like 5-1-10-1-10 (for example), and then put an extra 5 mins run on the next one.

Then gradually take out the walking intervals, but I don't think it would take you very long.

yonda1960Graduate in reply to runningnearbeirut

Thanks Tiger and runningnearbeiruit, I think the idea of putting little walks into a run might just be the way forward for me. I don't want to push things and end up injured again.


I started back at Week 9, that was too much so went back to week 8, and so on. I was off running for a month though so I lost fitness. You soon forget all that though once you've back to running

I always walk! Been on a long walk today with the dawg, who is flat out on the sofa now. I, on the otherhand, have been dashing about like the proverbial blue wotsit! LOL

Take it steady Yonda, ease yourself back in. Good luck

yonda1960Graduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks, today's walk with Floyd (named after Pink Floyd) was event free. A good hours walk around the very area I normally run, so hopefully I'm now ready for tomorrow morning.

I was out 9 wks so started back at wk 1 , I honestly couldn't have started anywhere else my fitness was well & truly reduced . You haven't been out if it that long soyou should be fine , just take it steady . I'm on wk 8 now it's flown & I'm really enjoying it again 2nd time round .

yonda1960Graduate in reply to Rockette

I don't think my fitness has suffered, it's only been 12 days since my last run, just my confidence. I'm going to take it nice and steady, with a couple of walk breaks, and see how it goes. If I feel any discomfort at all I'll stop straight away.

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