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So having struggled through W7 (having to do W7r2 and W7r3 on consecutive days) I now find myself on W8 after having Christmas lunch outing with the boys on Saturday ! Recovered yesterday and still managed to gym at 5pm where I walked W8r1 ie incline 4.5 and speed 6.4kph then the usual 10 row 10 cross train 10 bike then finish with 10 lengths in pool. Back on military diet this week with the exception of porridge and Half banana for breakfast. Hopefully manage 28mins ... 🤣

2 Replies
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Well done on your regime, but please do not underestimate the need for new runners to take rest days. When you run you create microtears in your muscles which repair and strengthen on your rest days, not while running. No rest, no repair, no strengthening and so increased injury risk.

It is recommended that new runners do not run on consecutive days for a minimum of six months.

Take care.

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Alan1004Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks for wise words hopefully my ‘rest days’ where I walk is ok ? Ie no impact on joints or muscle tears?

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