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Week 8 has begun, 5 runs to go

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I love running!

How has this happened?

I hated it at school, I’ve always hated it.

I’m now 44 and I’m looking forward to going for a run!

Even in the wind and rain, I got my best time in the strong wind on Friday

I’ve gone through more trainers this year than ever just by wearing them out from walking and running and my current pairs are definitely worthy of the title running shoes.

This mornings run was my second best time, but with 3 PBs in a week I’m more than happy with that.

14 months ago I’d get out of breath putting on my shoes, this morning I ran for 29:42, ahead of schedule I know, but I couldn’t let that 5k (including warm up walk 34:42) escape me. And that’s before going to work for the day :)

Tuesday seems forever away right now

My route has changed and adapted as I’ve gone along, adding an extra lap of the pitch and putt course and now fits nicely with the 2 walks and the run giving me a scenic enjoyable route and ending up at home.

I’m not the same person that started the 1 minute runs 7 weeks ago

My weight has gone up by a few lbs taking me over my SW target zone, but I feel fitter and my legs are changing shape (still leg shaped fortunately) I need to work on getting a few lbs back off, but I’m ok with that, it will come

Anyone starting out... it will work, follow the plan, and you’ll be a runner :)

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Brilliant.. slow and steady as you head towards that podium:)

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Good running.

Don’t worry about that weight, you’re in the strengthening end of the plan and muscle build is almost certainly the issue, it’ll go again as you say.

Enjoy these 5 runs, you’ve done an amazing job already, so really relax into them and get that headspace as you go.

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Well done Lozzles74, an inspiring post! Keep on and you will soon be at the 30 mins mark and then the 5k.

I think I also have put on a bit of weight since running, but as some bits have changed shape for the better I am not too fussed.

From one 40 something non runner at school to a lover of running to another ;)

What can I say, I agree with every word. Running is fun. Who'd have thunk it! Podium straight ahead Lozzles!

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You've got this covered Lozzles. We're getting your trophy polished 🏆 😸

🎅Xmas Katnap 🎅

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