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This run was a bit exciting because Doozer agreed to run with me, at his own pace of course. He felt like he hurt his leg the other week and was advised to give it some rest but felt better the last few days and wanted to get back into it.

The only thing I didn't like about this is having to wait for him to get ready. He faffed about for ages. I think he even combed his beard when I wasn't looking!

Anyway my biggest battle with these runs is my anxiety. My brain likes to turn against me and tell me I can't do things and plays out all of the worst scenarios possible.

Someone on here the other day told me to tell that anxiety gremlin to piss off. I don't think it was in those exact words, but that is what I did.

That one run before the halfway bell, my Deezer playlist put on a rubbish song and I could feel myself struggling. That's when I started hearing my brain saying to me "you're not cut out for this, you can't even do it" etc

I told it to piss off and I got through that 60 seconds and then during my 90 second walk it started to rain as if it was the end of the world. I did my body scanning meditation technique and told my limbs and joints to relax as rain was splashing in my eyes and I saw Doozer ahead of me running.

The next 60 second run I found surprisingly really easy. My body was totally relaxed. Dropkick Murphy shipping to Boston song came on, I haven't heard that since I was a teenager. I kept my eyes on Doozer and just ran. I didn't feel like I was running though, I felt a bit like I was gliding and all of my breaths were easy and my body moved as one unit. Looking ahead like that also helped my straighten my posture out so that's probably why I was breathing like a normal human being should instead of gasping like a tired oaf.

The last two runs after that instead of feeling like 90 seconds wasn't enough to recover, I'd feel ready to go again before the 90 seconds is up.

I feel good about this. I don't know if it's normal to feel like this so quickly, I'm definitely not a fit or healthy person so I am surprised.

This is probably the bit where I start feeling cocky with myself then get put in my place on the next run as I start week 2 😂

PS. My favourite bit about running with Doozer is when one of us runs back on a path and we cross each other on opposite sides of the path and subtly stick our fingers up at each other when no ones looking 😂

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Great run... you found that zone and when it comes it’s amazing, almost effortless and a bit surreal... body scan and positive thinking helped you get there, nice job. I’ve had a couple of runs like that, one I don’t even remember the end of, and they euphoria is hard to describe.

Well done Doozer getting back out there, I hope you have many many happy runs together.

The voice in your head may try the cocky approach, but that’s just another one to shut out, so you can do it, just keep the pace down especially early in the runs.

Enjoy feeling proud of completing the hardest week and that next run.


Great start BirdyRose ! Totally admire your patience in waiting for Doozer 😄 Wait till you’re running faster than him too !


Well done you two - lovely to have someone to run with (even if they are sticking their fingers up at you!)


Fantastic post 👍

Well done guys for supporting one another👏

Not sure I could of carried on running as would be laughing so much at the finger sticking upping! 😄

Ha ha you really told those gremlins where to go! Love your photo, such sweet young things 😍


Aaah look at you two... looks like loads of fun!!! 😁

Good work BirdyRose, week one done!

Great to see you're buzzing after the run too, WARNING: that feeling gets very addictive...

Those gremlins are stubborn little blighters... they will be back when you least expect them, hit them with some more of that great attitude next time too. 💪

Unfortunately the faffage before runs just seems to increase I'm afraid… you'll both be at it soon 😁

Heres the 'V' sign to week 1 ✌️✌️✌️ Roll on week 2...⚡⚡

Hi BirdyRose,

I am ecstatic to hear that Doozer ran with you. He's now my hero. I love the photo too. You look as crazy as I thought you both were. Please continue to post - I love reading your banter. And well done for telling the anxiety gremlin to piss off. It' not normal to feel that good - it is fantastic to feel that good, and well done you and Doozer for doing it together. You will continue to amaze yourself with progress now.

I sometimes have a conversation with parrots on each of my shoulders- there are two of them that inevitably come out together. One says "go on - you know you want to" - that one's my friend. And the other one (the one I hate) says "oh that's not very mature. What happens if blah di blah di blah" to which I most often reply "go away (or words to that effect) - I am listening to my friend parrot, not you, the paranoid parrot". Hint - just because you are not paranoid, it doesn't mean they are not all out to get you. :-)


It took me a long time to experience that "am I running? How did I get here" feeling . Sadly for me they are extremely rare, but maybe that makes them more special .

Glad you both had a good run🤩


If you're both having fun those gremlins won't get a look in!

Keep running and keep smiling 😸

You're doing great!

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