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My first run!

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Hey runners!!!

I've just completed my first ever run.

My partner Doozer McDooze has just completed this app and I've watched and supported him every step of the way. He usually struggles with depression and anxiety this time of year and it has been a real pleasant surprise to see how much this app has helped lift his mood, his health and his energy levels.

A bit about me:

I was born with Rubella Syndrome which affected my heart and ears. I died twice - the second time I wasn't supposed to come back - but I did, which I am forever grateful for and always feeling like I'm cheating at life.

I had a heart murmur all through childhood and many many hospital visits which undoubtedly created some anxiety issues of my own.

However, I was quite sporty as a child and teen, I did cross country running, netball, judo and swimming. That all stopped when I discovered partying in my late teens and early twenties and I developed a really unhealthy lifestyle, almost like I was purposely pushing my luck.

Now I'm 31.

I'm an artist and live in a van with my partner Doozer McDooze who is a full time touring musician. We've got a great little life that comes with its own unique set of stresses and hurdles.

This year for us has been all about improvement. I'm meditating to manage my anxiety, and trying to eat healthier (I'm a sucker for junk food).

I've been quite down for the last week or so, and this morning I woke up, with the sun out and out of nowhere decided to run.

So that's what I've done.

I really enjoyed it.

When I got through the first 60 second run I thought to myself "F*ck this I'm going back running isn't for me"

But I persevered. I feel really chuffed to have completed it. I actually can't quite believe I went through with it. I'm looking forwards to completing more of this

I hope to get to know everyone here like my partner did and to feel the benefits of running as I know you lot have been such an enormous support and positive vessel for my partner and hopefully I can be a positive influence to others too.

Anyone else here with childhood health issues that have impacted or even prevented them from taking care of themselves like me?

Faaanks for reading this I promise I won't rant every time I'm here!

Birdy Rose x

18 Replies
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Welcome aboard BirdyRose! Doozer has been a pleasure on here and I reckon you will be no different. First run is very often the hardest, well done for seeing it through!

Best advice I have is keep it slow, keep it fun, the fitness progress will come no matter what speed you run at!

Keep us posted with your progress.... You got this 👍

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BirdyRose in reply to uncle_wiggy

Thank you! I had to keep reminding myself to relax during the run and it's not a race!

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Welcome BirdyRose. Well done on getting out there and doing your first run! X

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BirdyRose in reply to TheJeneral

Faaanks 😊

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Well done! And welcome to the forum.

I was the same when I started and thought I'd never run or complete it. Buy u will! Happy running. U will have doozer to support u now 😁😁🏃🏃

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BirdyRose in reply to Deals1

Faaanks ☺

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Well done for getting started. I found that first run sooo difficult. I’m on week 9 now, something I thought I would never be able to say. I also took up this programme for mental health reasons and really feel that I have now instilled a healthy habit in my life.

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BirdyRose in reply to ItstheMarchHare

I love that you've done this and felt the mental health benefits!

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Love, love, LOVE this!

Well done you!

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BirdyRose in reply to MuChops

Faaanks 🖤

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Welcome BirdyRose ! The first run sets your baseline and most people don’t enjoy it, but it gives you a clear idea of where your fitness is. You’ll soon be making progress. There’s no rush at this stage, so embrace your inner snail, as they say around here, and enjoy the journey. Get Doozer out with you when you can - he’s done brilliantly, and we don’t want him slipping back ! Happy running 😀

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BirdyRose in reply to ButtercupKid

He won't slip back but yes the plan is to run together at some point if we can! I was so slow yesterday but surprised I managed to just complete it so at least I know I can do the bare minimum 😂

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ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to BirdyRose

You’ll be fine ! It took me nine weeks of repeats to conquer week 1, so you’re already doing much better than me 😄

Hey BirdyRose,

Huge congratulations on your first run! 👌

Great pic! 🙌

... & thank you for sharing your story!Keep on cheating, you’re an inspiration!💛

I followed Doozers journey & now I’m excited to see yours unfold! You two will be chasing each other’s tails 🏃‍♀️🙌🏃‍♂️

The c25k journey gives you a great escape, I’m sure you’ll reap the benefits! 🙏💪

Keep running Birdy, You’ve got this! 🙌🤩👌

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A very well done. You’ll be amazed at your progress.

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It gets easier. Keep it going.

Welcome BirdyRose, Wow! what a great intro, congrats on taking the first steps.

Aaah! I think Dooze is awesome! Shhh… don’t go telling him that though…😃

Looking forward to watching your running journey unfold...

Go get 'em you! GO GO GO!

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Nice one Birdy :)

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