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Starting today


Hello, Starting C25k today hopefully, i set myself some goals before I turn 30 in just over 3 years and one of them was run a marathon or half marathon..... with all that excitement I decided I want to try and run a 5K run that’s happening in my hometown..... that’s 10 weeks away.

I realise that’s a short time to start but even if it means I can just run more than the measley mile I can run now I’ll be happy.

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If you can run a mile that’s a great starting point! Stay with the programme though, it will build your running muscles very well.

The programme is 9 “weeks” but if you run every other day it’s actually shorter, so you have plenty of time.

Run slow and steady and enjoy the journey.

Good starting point for a marathon too!


Welcome to the forum.

C25K takes 9 weeks, if nothing gets in the way of your running, so you should just about do it.

Don't be tempted to rush through the programme though, the rest days are crucial and you are more likely to take longer than 9 weeks if you do too much too soon and get injured...... so stick to the plan.

This guide is essential reading and explains the recommended easy conversational pace that will build your stamina and strength.

Enjoy your journey.


The plan is great, you can definitely do it. My tips fwiw, stick to the plan, take you rest days (very important), keep it slow and steady. The plan will take you to 30 minutes non stop running although most people can't do 5k on that time, but that's fine

The plan will then give you a solid base to kick on to 5k

Good luck Amy - I’m 3 weeks in and feeling so much better, body and mind.

I’m sure you’ll nail it 👊

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