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Starting Today!

When's the best time to do this; does it matter too much how close to a meal time the run is done? Is it better to go before a meal or after?

I'm so nervous because - and I figure many of you might have thought this at some point - someone might see me.

But then I think, well, the chances are that they see me walking to college and think how unhealthy I look, whilst doing nothing about it - should I mind them seeing that I'm actually trying to change that? If I keep considering that, I should be good to go.

My week nine shall be the week after Christmas, so I'll be ready for the new year. I didn't plan it that way, but I'm excited. And nervous. I think I'll grab some breakfast first - and consider how to schedule my food/run when I'm out for a longer time. It's better to get started, at the wrong time in relation to food, than to not get started at all.

After my first outing, I'll go and get some running shoes. If I leave my first outing until after I have some better fitting shoes, then I may never get started because I'll be depending upon my going shopping. So, that's that.

Porridge and some Kia Ora juice, then I'll be out within the hour. Coincidentally just after my mother has gone out to work...

Don't plan on broadcasting my plan to do this, whether that's a good idea or not I guess I shall see.

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Well done on starting the programme, you won't regret it! As far as food/running timings are concerned, it's something you will find out for yourself quite quickly I think. Most people say to leave about an hour and a half before running, I must have a cast iron stomach as I can go straight out after my porridge!

Soon you won't care if anyone sees you, yes we all felt self conscious when we started but that soon passes. Enjoy your shoe shopping! And don't forget you have to post a pic of them!


I leave an hour. Although if most people leave an hour and a half as Curlygurly2 says that might explain why I OCCASIONALLY feel nauseous if I try to up my speed going up an incline. Sticking with an hour tho. Since I started this malarkey in May I have, one or twice, gone out on an empty stomach with no problems (much to my surprise). You'll find out what suits you. You'll get lots of support here and then you can tell others or not, as you please. Well done for starting and enjoy the journey!


Hi and a huge welcome. This is the best forum ever and what you are doing... fantastic :)

Lots of advice on this.. and we all have our preferences. Mine.. a cup of tea and two digestive biscuits about 45 mins before heading out. Then just a small sip or two of water, right before leaving. As Curlygurly2 says, we all are different.

Running shoes... essential, right for you, and comfortable. The cost need not be massive..just get the right pair. Running bra, also a must..if female.. if you are a male.. ignore that :)

Rest days are crucial.. strength and flex exercise and any other exercise you are able to do, swimming, cycling, yoga, and your walking will all help the progression and keep you supple.

The mantra, which you will hear all the time, is slow and works. The nine weeks or longer if you need it, should get you running for thirty minutes, comfortably and continuously. It is supposed to be enjoyable. :)

I graduated the week before Christmas last year.. one of my best presents ever. As it will be yours? :)

So.. ignore anyone out there who stares .. you will soon learn to ignore them as you leave them in your wake..keep posting and take it at your own pace:)

Remember, " Sneering is the weapon of the weak"

You are strong.. you are going to do this :)

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Well done on making the best decision of starting C25k☺️. I started in secret as I was concerned that I might not be able to do it and keep it up and that people I know might see me!!!

Once you've stated though, I promise you won't care! I won't lie, I may have doubled back on myself a few times if it looked like I might pass a real person, but then I decided a) I was out there doing something for me so sod everyone else and b) that my headphones also made me invisible and invincible 😂

Good luck, I'm sure you will soon catch the bug!!! As for eating before or after a run, I get up early and go out first thing. If I delay it, I might not do it ( which is daft because I love it 😍), so I save breakfast til I get back but do have a drink of something before leaving ( tea or coffee if I'm organised enough to get the kettle on before I get my running gear on) otherwise juice or water.

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When I started I found running in the morning worked without breakfast and then I found I needed to eat about an hour before I ran. I moved my runs to the evening after work and before tea and found that what I had eaten at lunch time was enough to make me feel OK when running. Just did my week 9 run 3 this morning without breakfast and it was so hard I won't be doing that again.

Don't worry about seeing people when you run, this is about you against the world ignore everyone else. What I did find useful was having two special people to tell when I had finished each run so that I had the added incentive. Like you I did not broadcast it far and wide. Very best of luck, you can and will do it. Sometimes you will find it hard sometimes not so hard but never easy. The satisfaction is knowing you are progressing with every run you do.

This forum is the best place possible to keep you going. Use it and let people know how you get on. I will follow your progress with interest.


Well done! It's a fab programme! Loads of us have started off as running ninja's, keeping our running secret and hiding out in the woods etc

There's a wonderful little running book which is about a quid on kindle, which is a right laugh about such a runner. It's called "No Run Intended" by Hannah Phillips.

Folks here are very nice and will support you all the way. We've all done it so know how you'll be feeling. Just getting that first run out of the way is the hardest part. Go slowly and you'll be fine.


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