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5K consolidation run: it seems like I’m stuck with it now


After graduating ten days ago with a 5K run I did another a couple of days later mainly to convince myself that it wasn’t a fluke. I managed it OK even though I missed Laura’s encouraging words. Then I caught the first cold I’ve had for years and felt like crap. Today was the first time I’ve run for over a week and I was going to take it easy and do about 4K. However, I knew part-way into my third lap of the park that I would do a fourth and complete a 5K again. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I hadn’t lost as much condition as I had feared.

It seems I’m stuck with doing 5K runs now and I’m glad because it would have been quite easy to take my foot off the gas and coast a bit. Graduating was such a high I was worried that it might be a bit of an anti-climax now that I don’t have a target. (I don’t intend to do a 10K although… no!). I realise now that I DO have a target and that’s to do a 5K every time.

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Good job ! Don’t feel stuck though. You can also run less distance but focus more on specifics, such as posture or breathing. Or you can run a bit further, or a bit faster. No need to get bored 😄

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Thanks for your reply. I'm quite happy about being stuck at 5K. Perhaps I chose the wrong word; I was trying to convey the feeling of oh-cripes-I've-gone-and-lumbered-myself kind of thing and there's no going back etc. You're quite right though, there are always challenges and I shan't get bored!

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Excellent ! Keep us posted. Interested to know where it all goes next 😀


I think the reason that this is C25K is because it’s the distance that puts you into that nice 20+ minutes of cardio benefit zone every time, so it’s the distance that will change your life. With a couple of different workouts as cross training you meet all NHS advice on exercise. That’s wonderful to have. Enjoying running is the most important thing... I think 10k and beyond, you have to want it, and if you don’t it can become a chore and then a pain in the ass. Keep loving your running... if ever 10k gives you a reason to do it you have a great base to work from.

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Thanks for your reply. To be honest I was going to stick at 30 minutes and worry about the 5K later but I seem to be capable of 5K now so I'll keep it up and let improvements in time and/or distance happen as they will. Cheers.


You must be enjoying it!

5k is still a challenge after recently graduating so keep on running! 😸


Poole4752. The world is now your otter (sorry oyster). Mix things up a bit. Run to a pub and back; do some slow slightly longer runs; some shorter faster runs; a Parkrun; run with otters (sorry others); plan a weekend or day away to include a run. I quite enjoy Bottermouth (sorry Bournemouth) sea front.


I will feed oysters to my otters and run with udders. That will make a change!

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