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W6R2 - Need Lights Now!


Can't believe how quickly it got dark while I was out and it's only 4.45pm!

I swear time stands still when coming to the end of each interval run, that last 2 minutes, even the 60 second call, , sure does take a long time to end! Still I did it and it felt better than W6R1as I had no niggly shin pain at all today.

Bit nervous about R3 but the plan is working well for me so far so ,"mind over matter' and 'slow and steady will be my usual mantra.

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You seem to be doing very well indeed TheBig50Soon, I hope you are enjoying your running, not sure where you are but where I'm in Central Scotland the street lights went on at THREE 55pm today. At least soon the Xmas 🎄 lights will brighten things up. 😊

MrsH1969Graduate in reply to AlMorr

Xmas lights will be nice to see! I'm in S.Wales.

I'm still feeling knackered after each session and getting aches and pains around my ankles, feet etc but I'm an overweight, middle aged lady so to be expected!


My favourite mantra :) It works.... so head on with confidence:)

MrsH1969Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

I'm not feeling so confident but reading some past posts W6 is not a popular week and lots find it hard so I'm encouraged I'm not alone!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to MrsH1969

It really is just another week of runs... relax... slow and steady... take it gently and believe in yourself.

Each week has to be different.... and some runs get really bad names for themselves... but, they all follow on... so, delight not dread... anticipation not apprehension..

" If we believe in dragons, we must also believe that they may be defeated :) "


You’ll love run 3... just ignore it for now! Great run today.

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