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Well, that's done! After the euphoria of sailing through W5R3 I hadn't expected anything to feel especially difficult... so W6R1 was rather chastening as it felt very hard.. I was slightly discouraged as even though I never felt I couldn't do it, I didn't know why running 5, 8, 5 minutes with breaks between them should feel so much harder than 20 minutes without a break?

In the end I just had to put it down to tired legs which haven't had a lot of rest because I have been walking Dorset fields trying to save badgers and also huntsabbing on days which were supposed to be 'rest' days... plus, it was very hot for W6R1

So today, we ran much earlier in the day again and the run went much better. MY 12 yr old daughter doubting herself again and we finished hand in hand again, but sons skipping about and finding it all very easy still..

Glad it's done, but not dreading R3 as I was slightly when R1 felt so tough..

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Well done! I felt the same in week 6. You'll smash R3!

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Good luck with run 3. Lots of people find it easier to get into their stride without the walk breaks. It's really all about consolidation from here on.


Oh, that IS an interesting comment - and would explain why the 20 minute run, which I had slightly feared, felt so much easier than the 5-8-5 run which came next!

Thank you!


That Week 6 again!! It does feel weird to go back to running with a walking break after the long run of W5 R3 and many of us found these 2 runs hard. Good news is that it's all running from here. Enjoy and good luck :-)

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It does really help to know that - because I am completely determined about all of this and haven't felt at any point that I wasn't going to be able to do one of the runs - but it was very slightly discouraging to have found W6R1 harder than the 20 minute run in week 5?

Now that W6R2 has gone better, I feel more confident about the 25 minute one looming...but it's nice to hear other's experiences were similar

Thanks x

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