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When do the Coaches call you a Runner? Week 6 Run 2 DONE!


What Run so the coaches call you a runner? I’m holding out for this and using it as my motivation!

Week 6 Run 2 done. Sun was glorious all morning and as soon as I stepped out of the door I could feel some raindrops starting! Typical as I has a light jacket on. I do t mins getting wet but I don’t fancy my red dye running and making me look like Carrie! 🤣

Both runs completed and the 2nd 10 minute run started to ache towards the last 2 minutes. Took mental willpower to push on through.

I also “pang” a lot towards the end, quite audibly )or so I think£. Is this a sign to slow it down more? I’m conscious that stones are overtaking me!

Plus at the end of the run, during my cool down walk I find the endorphins take over and I find myself practically dancing and grooving along to my playlist. Well until I reach the main road and I have to tone it down a little!

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If you're using that for motivation then it's W9R3 😂

Well done in the tricky intervals... you got this now.

Your coach may say something at the end of your next run

LostRunnerGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

He he. Like it!

Ooh I shall be listening intensely tomorrow then. More so than usual!


Woop well done lostrunner! It’s just around the corner don’t worry! But then you’ll have graduation as your motivation! Not sure what pang means other than hunger pangs😆😆😆

LostRunnerGraduate in reply to jiggles7

I’m liking all these carrots being dangled for motivation!

Pants - darn fat fingers. I pant a lot! 🤣🤣

jiggles7Graduate in reply to LostRunner

Always another goal, soon you’ll be looking at the 10k and going mmmm I fancy that 🤣😂

LostRunnerGraduate in reply to jiggles7

Never say never I guess! 🤣


From memory I think its your next run! 👍🏼 Week6 R3

LostRunnerGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Woohoo!! Can’t wait to hear those words.

I just completed week 6 and those words gave me the biggest boost ever. I wards and upwards now. Good luck with your running and hope you are enjoying it as much as me

LostRunnerGraduate in reply to Pgl10car

Well done on completing Week 6 - woohoo! Good Luck with week 7!

Thank you - I shall listen out for those words on my next run.


They do say that at the end of week 6 when the walking intervals end but really, if you run regularly you’re a runner.

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