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Week 6 Run 3 Done


Finished my W6R3 a little while ago. I am a runner! I was dreading this run, but I'm finding as the runs get longer, it's physically easier, but mentally tougher. Does anyone else feel the same? Any tips on how to make the time go quicker? I'm running on a treadmill at the moment, as just don't feel comfortable running near traffic in the dark with headphones on.

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Congratulations SammyB1971, you are a runner🏃, that's the way it goes, not only is running a bit physical, it's also mental as well. Not sure regarding how to make time⌚ go quicker, I suppose running faster could do that, but not neccessarily, onwards and upwards to week 🕖. 7Now its dark early you are sensible on keeping to the dreadmill as its called here on C25K rather than running outside on busy roads with 🎧 headphones on🎶🎼🎧


Great run. You got this. My mental strength comes in to play if I push pace, if I slow then I have time to think about everything else, and my slower run seems to go faster. A good podcast also distracts my mind.

Enjoy week 7


Brilliant well done Sammy. I've done most of my c25k on the treadmill. I must admit I'm more of a clockwatcher compared to my runs outside just cos it's there. My main distraction is my running music playlist so I aim to go song by song rather than minute by minute

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