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Saying goodbye to a horrid W7, hello W8!

Well, after my little gloomy post over on W7 last week, I reined it in, manned up and completed W7 on Saturday. Then I probably undid any good I did on Saturday night and spent most of Sunday and Monday 'recovering' ;) (because I'm not a teenager anymore and I shouldn't be drinking shots at 3am).

So I only started W8 this morning. I remembered my rule: go slow. I found I was still waiting desperately to hear I was halfway through, but at no stage did I feel like I was losing the will to live as I had been in W7. All in all, a good run (until I got home, got a drink of water and did something to my back in the process!)

I can hardly believe I'm now only 5 runs away from graduation!

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Who says you shouldn't be drinking shots at 3 am? ;)


The sensible part of me. The fun part of me is all over them ;)

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You're doing great but how on earth did you do something to your back drinking water?


Ha I have no idea! I was at the tap, leaned over and BANG something twanged. I think I must have twisted funny.


Well done, almost there x


1. I managed 28 mins running for the 2nd time

2. I think I ran about 3.5km (definitely further than ever before despite my attempts to run as slowly as possible)

3. I didn't sustain any injuries! Hooray!


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