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Do I look different?

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Now that I have my shiny new graduation badge?

Chose the canal for my graduation run this morning. Frosty and bright but a few mist patches made it a lovely peaceful run.

I felt the most settled more quickly than on any other run. Decided to leave Laura behind today (sorry Laura) and just use run keeper and my own tunes. My first 1k was in about 4.30! Way too fast but I didn't feel fast. Made a conscious effort to slow the pace so as not to burn out. Not sure how I ended up at that pace in the first place!

As runkeeper gave me updates at each km I realised a 30 min 5k was definitely a possibility. I decided to run until I reached 5k just to see how close I was. The answer? Really close!

I can't believe I'm now able to run for 30 mins non stop. 9 weeks ago I was begging Laura to end the 60 seconds!

This really is an amazing programme and the support on this forum is fantastic.

Now to plan my next steps in my running journey and start a new challenge I think ... Maybe planking or the 100 push up challenge πŸ˜‰

16 Replies

Wow, that's a brilliant graduation run!

Congratulation for reaching the end of the programme; do you already have plans for the post-graduation runs?

PumpKimGraduate in reply to secan

In not sure what to do next. I think I'll just stick to 30 minute runs for a bit until I feel ready for more.


Woohoo congratulations.

That's an excellent time/distance too.


Wow - what a great time for your 1st 5k run. And yeah, 4:30 is VERY fast :-)

Carry on and you'll be near 25 minutes in no time at all.



Huge congratulations on completing the programme, and what a time. Do you have a "Park Run" near you where you can compete ?

PumpKimGraduate in reply to Patrick1942

There is but unfortunately it clashes with my slimming world group. Shame as I think I'd enjoy park run.


Wow ! Congratulations Kim on your Graduation !

That is a proper racing snake time that ! Go you ! :-) xxx


Congratulations on a fantastic graduation run!πŸ˜€πŸŽ‰πŸƒπŸ» - what a fab time! Bet you'll be smiling all day. I agree, it is a fab programme. This running thing really changes livesπŸ˜€.


Big congratulations on grafuating in such style :) cracking tine and yup 4.30 is super fast :)


Phew Kim that is fast! AND YOU'VE GRADUATED! Sorry I wasn't at the finishing line - you were just too fast. It took a while to realise you were the greased lightning that zapped past me! But I'm sure Nat was there cheering!

Remember when we were all struggling at the W5R3 stage - and now we're all graduates!

I look forward to running with you in the near future (at least virtually!) - but you're way faster than me!

The graduate badge makes you look completely different - sort of happier!πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

I thought there was something different... almost didn't recognise you. Congratulations and Jubilations as that creepy old mahogany faced chap used to sing. Cracking pace, too.

And very sensible plan to consolidate for a while with regular 30 mn runs. So many people fail to do this in their eagerness to progress to the next thing and either sustain injury or burn out their enthusiasm or whatever. I personally think it is good to have a bit of a break from 'programmes' after finishing one for reflection rather than charging into the next one.

So big well dones all round. Award yourself a slap up meal and big drink as a reward (as long as it is spinach and protein-based and the drink is water).


Brilliant! I a just behind you as have done week 9 run 2 twice to build up my stamina. Am way slower than you as only covering about 4.50 km, so am in awe of your speed! Well done and hope to join you next week!


If you're looking for strength work, you could always stick with Laura and do NHS Strength and Flexibility.

But as far as running goes, if you just get out there you'll start to get a feel for what you want to do next. Hard to think you mightn't want to crack the 30 minute 5k given what you've just achieved.

Congratulations pumpkin.. yes your badge looks great on you. Very well deserved too !

Happy running adventures now. Another graduate running free.. :)

OldflossAdministrator look different.. all glowing.. Congratulations and well done you!

Great run and a great finish...bask in the glory and then choose your path :)

WOO HOO! Look at you go! Speedy Kim! So quick, I didn't even have time to get out my Pom poms and prosecco! You really deserve that shiny new badge, congratulations :)

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