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I'm happy with my inner-snail πŸ˜ƒ 🐌

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I have been working towards this run since I climbed tentatively off the Injury Couch a few weeks ago. This morning's run was my longest run in terms of time and distance for over 5 weeks. My pace was slow and not always steady, and there were sections I really had to work at, but I made it through the 30 minutes and I'm delighted. I was a snail, but I finished a happy snail.

For those currently on the Injury Couch, be patient. I know it can be frustrating as I have spent several months on the IC during the past year, but thinking ahead and planning your comeback (whether it is restarting C25k from the beginning, going back a few weeks in the program or planning recovery runs) gives you a focus and something to aim for.

My latest injury happened during consolidation when I had big hopes of running 5k in 30 minutes. During this time I have watched my fellow VRBs with admiration, as they strive towards and reach their goals of 10k runs and half marathons. I'll admit to reading their posts with just a little hankering to be doing the same..... and I will, eventually.

During this time of post-injury recovery running I have learned to be more patient with myself and I have embraced my inner-snail, as her pace has been the right one for me at this time 🐌 ☺️. Sometime in the future my inner-snail may feel she wants to try out her skates πŸ›Ή again, but for the time being, a snail's pace is just fine 😊.

16 Replies
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Congratulations 🎊 You must feel so good after completing your run todayπŸ‘

It's also heartening to read how you've climbed (run) back from injury. Thankfully I've been OK apart from some niggles 🀞 but it's great to read and remember your post should I end up on the injury couch.

Great inspiration x

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Delly-dotGraduate in reply to dijep

I am feeling good! I love the runner’s high after a run. Makes me feel I can tackle anything - so now off to give my very hairy cockapoo a Coronavirus haircut!!

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Embrace your inner snail, indeed Delly-dot, sorry about your recent injuries and having to be on the IC, just hope you can run injury free from now on. I first heard that saying "embrace your inner snail" from a runner who has not been on this forum for a while, it is a good motto for runners who just like to run and don't worry at all about speed.

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Delly-dotGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Absolutely agree Al 😊

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Sounds like you're back on track Delly-dot and you had an enjoyable run . 😊😊

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Delly-dotGraduate in reply to Buddy34

I feel like I’m officially consolidating again! You are one of my inspirations Buddy - I’m loving reading your progress. And all in spite of the Scottish weather too! Although my Scottish in-laws all had glorious weather last week when we didn’t!!

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Buddy34Graduate in reply to Delly-dot

We had rain all day sunday and some of yesterday . Today was raining also but now its brightened up🌞🌞

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Well done, and well done also for being patient! From a fellow snail who is hankering to get back out there, albeit I’ll probably have to start again πŸ‘πŸ˜

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Delly-dotGraduate in reply to Wenderwoo

Hopefully it won’t be too long before you are lacing up your trainers again Wenderwoo 😊🀞🏼.

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Good news! Sounds like you are taking good care of yourself. My dad always says -there is wisdom from excess! We learn not to push too hard if we come a cropper from overdoing it a bit!

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Delly-dotGraduate in reply to Roxdog

Wise words 😊

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You’ve done well, there’s nothing wrong with a snails pace as long as you get the job done....treat yourself to a lettuce leaf πŸ₯¬

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That’s great Delly-dot, well done for staying so patient through a tough time. Really encouraging to hear your story. Very good to hear you’re back to consolidating. πŸ€—

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Delly-dotGraduate in reply to jorgeRuns

Thank you Mrs Jorge. Hope all is well with you? πŸ€—

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Great news! You must be really pleased. I’ve certainly learnt through this not to do rush!

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Delly-dotGraduate in reply to FreedomToRun

Absolutely! I also 'don't do rush'. I was out really early this morning to beat the heat and it was so quiet; lovely (and unusual) to have my entire route to myself. 😊

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