interesting, despite knowing I could do all three runs today having done the 20 mins last week, the gremlins did their best in each run to try to get me to stop. I saw them for what they were and told them to "Go Away" well I was a bit more forthright than that :-)

Physically the run went fine listened to Laura and resisted the temptation to run fast because now I can run for 20 minutes I feel like superman !! :-) not :-)

however when she called the last minute I did pick up the pace to finish on a high note

legs are feeling it right now however that is good and I know I have a days rest for my thighs to recover.

upwards and onwards


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  • Well done! Slow and steady is the way to go...but that last minute sprint does feel great :)

  • That week 6 is a tricky one! Well done for kicking the gremlins into touch!

  • Well done Nick, you did great!

  • Well done Nick - I did this run yesterday and like you started off thinking I was superwoman because I'd done the previous 20 min run...that feeling didn't last long! It's funny how in the last 60 mins you get a burst of energy to do that final push :)

  • The gremlins are out today.... trying to catch everyone and throw them off kilter. Well they did not get you.:)

    Well done.. this week can be tricky..it is a sneaky one.

    You will do this, as you say, upwards and onwards.. or onwards and upwards, depending if you are going uphill or not :)

  • planty of hills on my run !!! :-)

  • Plenty even !!!

  • Well done Nick, resist the temptation to run faster just get the time in, pleanty of time after graduation to speedup.

  • It is funny how at times you feel you're just dragging yourself along to get through a run yet you can still manage a spurt at the end. There's usually more in the tank than we think. Week 6 can be tricky so well done and you'll be stronger for your next run so should be a good one.