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W2R2 ... what a wonderful experience


Hello everybody,

Thank you so much for replying to my previous post, I really appreciate your time spent offering such great advice, I have taken it all on board and it was so very helpful. Re-read the pinned post - 'beginner's guide to running' again and listened to the fact that I should not land on my heels and put it into practice. I continued to breath naturally although getting out of puff a bit on each run cycle.

However, I persevered and felt so determined to see this Run through to the end and I was winning.

There is one major plus I want to share with you all and that is how much positive energy is developing within me ... this running and walking in the local park is having a 'smile' effect on me. When walking fast and then running in the park I stuck to the side of the paths as it is so very popular with many cyclists and aware that they were either cycling towards me or were coming up behind me. Several people were out walking their doggies and when they smiled at me I gave them an even warmer broader smile back.

It is fantastic therapy and is doing wonders for enlightening my mental health and well-being. It is having a great smile effect, it is a great virus to have, everyone is catching it and I am quite happy to spread it as well. Wherever I am going I must be looking very happy as everyone in the shops, while out walking and especially at work, everyone wants to be around me and talk to me. I must admit I do like to talk to others.

Will be resting tomorrow and will be looking forward to my next run on Friday after work. Am now climbing three flights of stairs to get to the office and do not miss the lifts, they are still out of action, climbing the stairs every day is working on my lung function so it is helping me overall.

So far, my plans on Saturday, will be going up to the Westonbirt Arboretum. I have already decided to go on the 11.00 am walk in the Old Arboretum and join the other walk in the afternoon.

Will be feeling so happy that when I start Week 3 on Sunday will be looking forward to what lies ahead of me when I will be almost a third of the way through this programme.

Have a good day tomorrow everyone and speak again on Friday.

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Well done

Stay relaxed.

Keep running, keep smiling.

Lovely post chataholic and love your name.

That smile virus is a great one to catch, keep a little for yourself and pass on.

What a lovely smiley post Chataholic! I know exactly how you feel too. 😀 The difference I felt when I first started running in my local park, rather than simply being a dog walker, was immense. I felt part of a special club. I still do, and I always make eye contact and smile when meeting other walkers and runners. 😀

So carry on exactly as you are and you’ll smash this amazing programme. Keep positive, remain slow and steady and you’ll surprise yourself. It’s fantastic! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️😀😀👍👍


Great mental attitude... that’s the biggest key to this and you have it by the truckload. So pleased it’s changing your life already... keep doing it just the way you are.


Lovely post - I’m happily smiling reading it! 😀

Go you! - Slow & steady of course! 😀

Said to my son tonight how doing this makes me smile 😀 Such a positive programme x

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