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Longer run tonight


Tuesday nights I run with a beginner group. 7 weeks in now, gone quick . We have a qualified leader. Tonight we have a 5 min walk then 25 min run. Eek. I'm still doing the app along side this so 3 runs a week but only 2 with the app. It'll just take longer to finish the app but that doesn't matter.

In also post my run updates on Instagram if anyone has that let me know.

Happy running guys

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You’re just doing w6r3 before run 2 there 😂

If you’d accidentally hit the wrong one in the app an run it, you’d just go back and do the other next time for completeness... so I’d do that, and maybe your group run will still be compatible next week.

SnailRunner71Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Yes plus all of week 7 in the app 😜😜😜


My other half goes mad with me for running lots of apps at once:

Couch To 5k



... I have resisted getting a fitness tracker

SnailRunner71Graduate in reply to Katnap

Too much technology available!

I just have the Garmin watch then upload to the Garmin app

KatnapGraduate in reply to SnailRunner71

Easy peasy!

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