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After several weeks on IC and a couple of attempts at running again I finally managed an enjoyable, comfortable W1 R1 this morning. A few weeks ago I tried W5 R1 having graduated in September. Thought it would be fine but I ended up limping home in agony with miserable pain in L knee and both buttocks. It was obviously too much too soon!

So I've decided to start from scratch and hope I escape any more injuries.

I've finally realised that it doesn't matter how far or how fast I go. I'm simply going to enjoy it.

Reading this forum has been a real life saver during the weeks when I couldn't run. Can't wait for Tuesday morning 🤗

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That’s the spirit... run for fun! You know you can do this, and you’re probably impressed how much easier it is second time round. Have a good rest period and enjoy Tuesday.

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Good for you! Glad it’s working out for you again.

I used to belong to a running group and they had a saying ‘finish upright and smiling’. Whether I’m running in an organized run or running from home I always just want to finish upright and smiling because the alternative sucks! How fast or slow really does not matter.

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Welcome back and good to hear you're fighting fit again. It sort of sounds like fun starting again - less pressure than the first time round!

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MontymumGraduate in reply to Tartancat

You can't imagine just how relieved I am to be running again, especially as I'd only just invested in a pair of Hoka One Ones! I was wondering if I'd ever get my money's worth 💰💰💰

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Well that's that then

You'll need to keep running for at least 6 months to get your moneys worth, so no more injuries please!

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