Finally embarked on c25k

After many months of putting off starting the programme and many failed attempts I finally got up early on Monday and did w1 r1 - I was amazed at how good I felt within minutes of leaving the house. I followed the advice of many on the forum of laying out my clothes the night before in preparation for the morning - this really helped. Feeling inspired and am planning to run tomorrow. I hope I can continue.

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  • Well done on taking those important first steps.

    Now you have to listen to laura and she'll tell you what you need to know, a few tips at a time. The first one will have been to tell you to have a rest day between runs.

    Enjoy your next run!

  • Well done and welcome 313 I thought wk 1r1 was probable hardest because it was such unknown territory But you've taken the first step and as miss wobble says just listen to Laura and you'll get there Keel posting and checking forum for support cos we all behind you

  • Well done on taking the first steps in changing your life. I thoroughly recommend stretching after your run and use these stretches It may seem like overkill, but will reduce your risk of injury and reduce aches and pains, some of which are inevitable when you start running for the first time.

    Stick with it, it really works. Good luck. Keep running,keep posting.

  • Well done for getting the first step out of the way. Follow Laura and you won't go wrong :)

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are all so pleased for you.

    Please don't try and over-do it. The rest days are VITAL and the post-run stretches should not be missed or taken lightly. These are incredibly important after EVERY run.

    Good luck, and keep us up-to-date.

    If you are short of inspiration, watch 'running for my existence' on Youtube.

  • Thanks all for your words of encouragement. I am following Laura's good advice. I did my 1st run on Monday and my 2nd one today (Wednesday), totally surprised myself by carrying on in the rain felt really motivated and good at the end. So glad I've started the ball rolling, am doing by 3rd run for week 1 on Friday. Thanks again

  • Well done you.

    I'd forgotten about the idea of laying out clothes... it will certainly help on mornings like this. On the other hand... there is great satisfaction from braving it, as well as the good feelings from activity.

    It's a tough time of year to start... but just think how great it will be when it's not pouring with rain, windy and cold!!

  • Glad to see you running!

    I began last week, am repeating wk1 until i master it, but am already surprised at my willingness to get out there, even in the rain! Me, a lifelong sweat and effort avoider!

  • Well done, honestly the hardest bit is behind you. I never thought I would do it, but The sense of achievement when you realise how much further you can go each week is brilliant. Believe in Laura, she hasn't let me down yet.

  • A journey begins with but a single step. Well done!

  • Well done. I think we all feel a bit apprehensive on the first one. Once that's out of the way....

    Have a good run. x

  • I'm about to do wk1r2, I think for me the pleasant surprise was not being as unfit as I thought!

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