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Couch potato w1 r2

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I gave up smoking 18 days ago and my appetite has gone through the roof . . . . All i think about is what im going to eat next 😋 and I've never really been a foody this is crazy 😂 so decided to do something to avoid getting fat as I've already put on a few pounds!! 😫

The first run was horrible! I ran about 2 hours after eating, came home and realised my meal Obviously didn’t digest.🤮😭 Done r2 today and am excited to finish wk1 . . . Who knew 🤣 i’m actually really proud.

I’m 33 been smoking about 20 years 🤫and have NEVER Enjoyed any kind of sports activity or exercise, its always been count me out 😔 No complains though I'm happy i started and i’m determined to finish 💃🏽

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You're gonna be banishing your demons daily 🚫👹🚫.... Stay focused and on track.... Do NOT let those ciggies back into your new life for a second! The food will take care of itself in time, snack healthily! You can have this.... All of it. And we will have have your back all the way! Go for it!

No more smoking! I want to live a healthy life from now on. Thank you so much! Means a lot.

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The physical craving lasts three minutes per episode. At first you have a LOT of episodes though.

I quit after nearly forty years by carrying a count down kitchen timer set to four minutes.

Every time I wanted to light up I'd press the start button - and if I still had the cravings when it beeped I would have lit up...but four minutes later I would not want to smoke :)

I swear though - the first few days I was lucky if I had twenty minutes before having to hit the button again :)

Over five years smoke free now - and I was a pack a day minimum, at least two packs weekends, man from age 15 to 54.

Hang in there - the freedom from the habit is mind-blowing :)

To be honest I’m not really having cravings for fags. But food is now the devil lol . . . I stoped smoking last year for 4months before i lit up again and gained over 2stone in just 2months🤦🏽‍♀️ so i knew the crave was coming.

To be honest the smoking was a mare habit that i was to lazy to quit! Once i decided i was so bored of it, it was pretty easy to quit.

I know i’ll never smoke again and i’ll also never replace the bad habit with a bad food habit 😒 again!

So . . . I’ve been a good bunny crunching on carrots, cucumbers green beans and apples 😋😂

I think i might carry around a timer every time i want food maybe its the same concept that the crave will only last four minutes 😂 i’ll let you know. Thank you

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Franbi in reply to Bluejasmin

Yes!!! Not even one smoke, ever. Not even to "check" that you hate it... It's a horrible chain reaction and just one could set it off again, so well done for escaping, and never go back! I quit a few years ago and so glad, like you said it was easy! And when you get a few weeks down the line you'll realise you never even think about it any more. Congratulations on your new life style and for C5K. I'm on week one, really excited about it.

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Great job on the smoking. I lit my last on the night before I started this. I used the headspace app a lot in the next few days and all was well.

Well done getting out there and completing the first two runs. You can be a runner, you can surprise everyone who knows you, and you can achieve that in a couple of months.

Thank you!

Wicked! Well done you! Its easy once your minds in the right place and you realise its a choice rather than a need. You chose to give up congratulations! Keep up the good work!

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Bravo! C25K, running and increasing your activity levels will certainly give you other things to think about... and you can occupy your fingers participating here too.

People are usually OK to run 2 hours after eating, but I do notice that the occasional meal lies rather heavy for longer.

Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

To run you need to hydrate well, so you could try drinking water instead of eating or smoking. Don't drink more than about three litres per day and only drink in small amounts, otherwise there is a risk of leaching salts from your body.

Enjoy your journey.

Thank you

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Good job on the quitting smoking. It does get easier with time. C25K helps a lot. As you continue with the program you’ll find yourself acquiring other healthy habits as well. There are many ex smokers here. Keep on with it and you won’t regret it.

Thank you. Have spoken to some already everyone on here seems so nice with helpful tips. Great forum, happy i joined.

The same happens to me when I cut out alcohol. I feel as if I lose weight by running and detract from that with my increased appetite. Weight loss isn't my only or even primary goal though (I am 5'9" and 88kg, a little overweight but not massively so) so I can put up with that for the time being

You’ll be fine. If weight is an issue for you maybe you can look in to intermittent fasting. My friend lost 3 stone in just 12 weeks with a 8hour eating window each day and she ate everything she wanted within reason i think lol I’m going to try it. Good luck

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GoogleMeGraduate in reply to Bluejasmin

It's the 'reason' bit that has to be re-set!

Well done. I’m 28 days smoke free after smoking for ahem 33 years.

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Bluejasmin in reply to

Yay congrats. Well done!

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