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Ok, so i am feeling pretty chuffed with myself. On Monday i did my first run on the plan and i was unable to run for the full minute on several of the runs and by the end of it even a brisk walk was borderline too much. Today i was able to complete the full workout and run for the full minute every time :D i have never had much success with running but this has really motivated me to continue with the plan and push myself further then i would have done in the past. And the weirdest part is that I'm excited about the final run of the week on Sunday! For me that is completely unheard of :)

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Brilliant well done , great determination :D


Well done! The trick is to breathe deeply and slowly so there is plenty of oxygen in your lungs, even on the warm up walk, get the air moving round! Then run slowly so that you could chat to someone without any problem. As long as you do the run time, speed does not matter at all. Fitness can build later


You can do it ! It's quite astonishing how the sessions build you up, almost without you realising it, into a proper runner. Good luck.


Ooh - you'd better watch out or you'll catch the running bug. There are a lot of very infectious people on this forum😎


Well done! It's addictive, isn't it?

LNA1422 in reply to Shivani05

really addictive. I'm going for the 3rd run tomorrow and i cannot wait :)


Brilliant ! Go you !

Keep going , you're doing great ! :-) xxx

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