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W6 R2

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Literally just walked in through the door after completing this run and I must say, I found it a bit tough going. The reason is probably down to the fact that I didn't sleep too well last night (been up since 4am) and I took a different route which included more steep inclines towards the last 5 minutes of the run. I found it pretty intense and was very glad to hear Michael's voice informing me I had only 60 seconds left! But hey, I did it and feel pretty pleased. Hoping I sleep much better tonight now and aim to be better prepared for W6 R3.

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Good job... those interval runs in week 6 are tough. Enjoy run 3

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I did this run earlier too and I think the stopping for 3 minutes really made the 2nd 10 minutes really hard for me. Lets hope for a better run 3 :D

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