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Huge bruise and hip pain but week 5 Run 2 completed :D


So as the title said I took a tumble at training last night and landed on my team mates wheel........ wheel has resulted in the most terrible hip pain and the start of a huge bruise. Stupidly all that went through my head is I have to run tomorrow ...... (stupid isn't it !!)

So despite having badly interrupted sleep from terrible pain and a sore hip I pulled on my big girl pants and made myself do run 2. After the warm up walk my hip seemed to ease up a little so I managed to run through the pain and after the first 8 minutes I felt quite pleased. By the 2nd 8 minutes I was feeling quite good so even managed to speed up for the final minute (crazy I know!)

Tomorrow I have an appointment to see the physio about my slapping foot when my leg gets tired. So I hope that she will give me some good advice and different exercises to help strengthen/stretch my broken side more. So fingers crossed it is that easy and she doesn't tell me to stop running :(

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Admiring your determination but not sure whether it was a great idea if you were in pain?

Running through pain is not something we would ever advise, as hidden injury is just that... hidden.... Please listen to your Physio and take it gently. The runs wait.

norabzilGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Trust me I have skated through worse Olddloss!! I've signed up to a virtual run and need to do 25 miles this month which is why I pushed myself, If I don't push myself i'd find myself sitting on the sofa for 2 hrs binge watching TV which I seem to do a lot since I broke my leg...... as that was all i could do for 8 months :(

I will listen to the physio though or else I'd be wasting my money paying to go see her.


Good run but you may need a few days off

norabzilGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

No chance as I have a match next weekend and have training tomorrow night as well. I have skated through worse ;)

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to norabzil

Ok... good luck


Aah Norabzil you are so determined and that’s so fantastic!! 😍 You keep on running and adjusting, which is a huge credit to you. 🤩 Well done.

Nothing about doing what you love is stupid or crazy!! I hope that the physio will help even more too. Wishing you the very best. 🤗❤️

norabzilGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

Thanks I need to be strict on myself as sitting comes to easy now :)


Good luck with your recovery 😸

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