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Wk 6 completed. How am I doing this?


Just completed my week 6 and ran for 25mins for the first time. Wasn't too bad. Don't know how I got this far and have been really lucky with the weather. Keep thinking how will I be when the weather turns. Got to do the 25mins 3 more times in the next 6 days though on week 7. Can anyone tell me how they found week 7? I don't want to push too much thinking I'm Mo Farah all of a sudden.

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Well done you! Just keep it slow and steady. If you follow the programme, you will be ready for each and every run. Enjoy it!


am on w7r3 friday last of 25mins easy so far but the 28mins to come

I’ve just my third run for week 7 and still don’t feel over confident. So am going to redo the week until I’m running it through - only stopped for 1 min and probably cause it was a hilly part of run, but even still 😩 its a toughie


I think once six is done things get easier

Just go slow and steady 😃👍💪

Bonsaiboy in reply to misswobble

Thanks Misswobble for the reply. Hope you not wobbling anymore now you've graduated.


Great job.

Week 7 was wonderful... you’re consolidating where you are. You’ve run 25, you can do it again. On average the three will be easier than the first. You may get a day where it feels harder, that happens to everyone, just use your mental strength and finish it. The end of week 7 is the best... all you have to add then is 5 minutes in two small slices. You got this now.

WimborneGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Unfit no more I loved your phrase ‘ you got this now’. It will be a new mantra for me!!!

W7R1 done last night. Tough going at the end though. I attracted a few doggy friends along the way ..... mad red faced running woman with dogs following me .... lol

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Wimborne

😂. Dogs do like to run with everyone they are doing it I think... maybe they need to see what’s at the end of the run?


I'm doing Wk6R3 on Saturday, I also can't really understand how I'm doing it either! Today was the first rainy day so far on my C25K journey, but I still did the run despite feeling a bit poorly. Something is driving me on with this, long may it continue! Quite looking forward to the longer runs now, today was my last 'interval' run and I actually found the walk a bit distracting, took me a while to get back into rhythm again for the second 10 mins.

Bonsaiboy in reply to Boofle999

Yep I struggled with the second 10 too and wondered how I would cope with the 25 but it was fairly comfortable. trust in the program I guess.

Boofle999Graduate in reply to Bonsaiboy

Yup, the programme works, I think we're all living proof of that one!


You will and you can. You’ve done it once you can do it again 3 times this week just to make sure lol. It’s hard work. I did W7r1 last night. Good luck. As unfit no more said. You have got this !!!!!! Just remember how W1 felt and look how far you have come. Amazing!!!!!!!

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