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W8R2 Fuelled by Cadbury Chocolate and a packet of Smiths Bacon Frazzles :-(


I spent 11 hours in A&E/hospital with my dad yesterday as he sometimes struggles to swallow food, so my diet consisted of the above with a cup of Costa hot chocolate. Poor running food and my water consumption was only 2 glasses all day. I wasn't looking forward to running today at all, however I dragged myself out and did it. Received a phone call half way through to say my dad was being discharged. God only knows what the nurse thought I was up to as I was running at the time and obviously I wasn't stopping for no one! Glad it's done. Onwards and upwards ONLY 4 more to go!! :-) x

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That’s real motivation!! Well done!

Hope your Dad’s ok



Great job... and good to see dad discharged.

Not the best prep... but job done. As for the nutrition, I have a friend who fuels marathons on food that’s “bad for us” and he’s so healthy! No food is bad, and sometimes we need a bit of what we fancy. Obviously your choices were very limited anyway.

Enjoy closing this week out... and then it’s time for the victory lap.

Unstoppable! Well done! Hope your dad is ok x


Amazing. Well done you


That's awesome, great spirit! All the best to your dad!

Wow, that's amazing that you made it out despite the deviations to the plan and the less than ideal fuel... or was it? Hope your Dad is back to feeling himself.

Oh gosh... breathless answering the phone eh? Haha... I'm sure they've seen it all at A&E so no possible imagined scenario could surprise them!


Fab post-on many different levels.

Well done for getting it done, and carrying on running when they called!!! Glad to hear your dad is discharged-lovely smiley pic of you both 😃

Am I the only one jealous of the Costa and chocolate?!?! 😆

As you said only 4 to go!!!! It’s so near...

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